In Diary Room, Johnny Mac says Meg is a little drunk and they look like they are fighting those primal urges to stay off each other, but they aren’t.

Clay asks Meg to vote him out and not Shelli. Meg says she can’t make that promise. She says he’s been her dude from the start, they bonded from the start. She cries all over him and there is some total tension there. Meg looks totally in love with the Clay man and he’s not backing off all her manhandling. She tells him she can’t vote him out and she can’t wait to get him drunk in New York.

Vanessa and Jackie get called to the Diary Room for their costumes. Vanessa has to constantly buff and polish Jackie’s fake armor for 24 hours. Jackie says it feels like a cat licking her.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

Shelli gets her props as well. She has to do this whole battle routine 2400 times in 24 hours, ringing a bell every 100 times. This is a seriously nasty punishment. If she doesn’t finish, and she does stay until next week, she won’t get to play in the PoV. Clay stays outside watching and supporting his babe.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (2)

It’s no fun being Vanessa either, up in the middle of the night polishing armor. But it’s not nearly so cruelly punishing and Shelli’s castle guard routine. Finally, after nearly 2400 hours, she finishes and gets all 2400 battles done. Everyone celebrates with her and Jackie crowns her as a Knight of the Big Brother Round Table.

That may be over, but now Shelli has to get to work and get James to use the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

Clay and Shelli talk to James again. They are trying to get him to use the Power of Veto to take one of them down. Shelli hopes that information that she learned from the twins can convince James to put up a Replacement Nominee.

Shelli starts throwing Austin under the bus and talking about his alter ego Judas. She says Judas voted for Audrey to stay, and he made it so James went up on the block. Shelli also tries to blame Jason going home on Austin as well. James says he will consider his options and come up with a decision.

At the Power of Veto Meeting, Clay says there is no other person he would want to play the game with than Shelli. That’s pretty much it. Shelli says same right back to Clay, obviously. Shelli says they have been very good to the people in this house and good on their word. She says she doesn’t feel they deserve to be there.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)

James says he feels like Shelli and Clay left him in the dark on a lot of things. He announces that he is going to NOT use the Power of Veto, and he will leave the nominations the same.

Shelli is in tears again in Diary Room and says she can’t fight against Clay. Clay says he thinks Shelli is more likely to win the game and he can’t go against her. James says the front door is as good as the back door to get someone out!

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (1)


That’s a wrap!

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