The Power of Veto ceremony for week two of Big Brother 13 is over. We don’t think any of the houseguests are all that shocked about what happened. If you’ve been keeping up with the Big Brother live feeds, we’re sure you won’t be either.

To find out what happened during the Veto Ceremony, just click underneath the SPOILER ALERT below.

[spoiler name=”Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results”]

This week’s winner of the Power of Veto was Dominic, which was a nice acquisition for him since he and duo partner Adam were put up for elimination by Head of Household Jordan. Of course, Dominic has been playing it hard to get in tight with the veterans so he’s just got it all going on right now.

With Dominic in the veteran’s alliance pocket, it was pretty clear what would be happening with the Veto Ceremony today. Dominic used the POV, of course, to remove himself and Adam from the block. Following the veterans’ plan, Jordan then put Cassi and Shelly as the replacement nominations.

As long as Shelly’s deal with the vets doesn’t fall apart, it looks like Cassi will be heading home. That will leave Shelly with a golden key pass, which means she’s guaranteed to make it to the final 10 players.

Oh, and Cassi is PISSED about all this, of course. We especially loved her nasty catfight with Rachel yesterday…


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