The veterans continue to hold on to the power in the house for yet another week as the newbies nervously watch their number dwindling down. This week the nominations for eviction are packed full of intrigue from both sides. Who will win out in the battle of the noobs against the vets? Well, it may all come down to who wins the Power of Veto Competition this week. Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait to know who has been nominated for the next eviction, just click underneath the SPOILER ALERT below to find out!

[spoiler name=”Week 3 Nomination Results”]

If you have been following the Big Brother live feeds, you probably already guessed who Rachel as the new Head of Household would be putting up for nomination for week 3. There is no way Rachel and Brendon would put up Jeff and Jordan at this point because they obviously are aware that would be seriously stupid. Everyone else in the house would be more than pleased to buddy up with J&J to get Brenchel out of the house. Putting up Lawon and Kalia at this point just doesn’t do anyone much good as both of them are pretty much floating around doing little to nothing. Dominic and Adam are the real threats to the veteran’s alliance and Rachel really has no choice but to put them up.

Daniele has been campaigning hard to keep her boy toy Dominic in the game. She promises Brenchel that he will not come after them and that she can get him to throw the Veto Competition. Rachel and Brendon, however, seem to trust Dominic even less than they do Adam. So for the time being, it is still a bit of a toss up as to whether Adam or Dominic will be getting the short end of the stick if one of them doesn’t win the Power of Veto. If Daniele has her way, Adam will get booted. But Adam has been wheeling and dealing with the veterans for a while and he could pull enough weight with them to get Dominic evicted if he can play it just right.

The Power of Veto competition should take place Saturday or Sunday. If Dominic or Adam manage to swing the Power of Veto once again, this could truly end up being some fun. If one of them does get it, he will have to decide whether or not he trusts his dealings with the veterans enough to stay on the block and hopefully see their partner get eliminated. If neither of them gets it, then it will be all up to the wheeling and dealing in the house as to which one of them will get sent packing. Should be fun!


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