Emotions and tensions are running high already on Survivor 2013.  After only a few days on the Survivor Season 27 island, contestants may be wondering who they can trust and what they got themselves into. Who will go home on tonight’s Survivor 2013 Live Recap?


The first Redemption Island battle took place on last week’s on Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water.  Many Survivor fans thought this season was the season for Rupert to win.  It won’t be happening because Rupert was sent home after last week’s battle!  Will his wife Laura be able to stick it out on Survivor 2013?

Galang won last week’s Survivor 2013 immunity challenge, for the second time in a row.  Will they continue to dominate the challenges or will Tadhana finally get it together and win a challenge?  At last week’s Survivor Season 27 tribal council the men continued with their plan of taking out the women one at a time; they voted out Rachel.

The big question of tonight’s Survivor 2013 is, will Tyson switch places with Rachel before the Redemption Island battle?  If he switches, John may have to say goodbye to his wife Candice.  John tried to prevent his wife from the possibility of facing Tyson, but it didn’t work.

If Colton’s outburst on last week’s Survivor 2013 wasn’t enough, he has another moment tonight that could leave his tribe wondering if he will be sticking around.

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The tribes headed to Redemption Island for the second time.  As soon as Tyson saw Rachel he knew the Tahana tribe planned for him to switch with Rachel.  Rachel told him not to switch.  Then, Colton broke down and said he didn’t want to stay in the game.  Jeff Probst got very upset because this was Colton’s second time quitting Survivor.  If the game doesn’t get played like he wants it to, he gives up.

After Colton left, Marissa, Rachel, and Candice competed in the second Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Redemption Island challenge. They had to set up a series of blocks, like dominoes, get the blocks to tip over and send a ball through a plate; all without setting off trip bars.  Candice was the first to finish for the second time in a row.  Rachel and Marissa both struggled to complete the challenge.  Marissa finished first, sending Rachel home on Survivor 2013.  Candice got to give John a clue to immunity idol for the second week in  a row.

Back at the Tadhana tribe, John decided to share the immunity idol clue with Brad.  The two are in an alliance, but sharing such vital information could be a mistake in Survivor 2013.  Will Brad betray John?  Will John find the idol and regret telling Brad?

Immunity Challange:  Contestants were matched head to head for a sumo style battle.  To win the match contestants had to knock the other person off the floating platform.  The first tribe to five, won immunity and comfort (pillows, blankets, etc.).

Match up:

Brad and Gervase: Winner Brad
Laura and Katie: Winner Laura
John and Aras:  Winner John
Kat and Ciera: Winner Kat
Hayden and Tyson: Winner Hayden.  Tyson had to be seen by a medic because his shoulder popped out of place.
Tina and Katie:  Tina won the mother-daughter duo
Aras and Vytas:  Aras beat his older brother Vytas
Laura and Ciera: Mother-daughter challenge for the win.  Laura won immunity for Galang for the third time in a row.

Back at the Tadhana tribe the alliance of guys considered which female to send home.  Katie does the cooking so John suggested Ciera go home.  After John went to look for the immunity idol, Brad worried that John would turn on them if Candice got back in the game.  Brad convinced the women to vote for John, but made the other guys wonder if maybe Brad had too much power.  Going into tonight’s Survivor 2013 tribal council it looked like it would be Ciera, John, or Brad.

Votes:  Ciera, John, John, John, John.  John was the voted off on tonight’s Survivor 2013.  He will now have to compete against his wife on Redemption Island.

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