Survivor isn’t made for to be easy and it isn’t made for quitters.  Last week Colton quit Survivor Season 27.  The rest of the contestants are going to battle to the end.  But not everybody can make it.  Who will be voted off on tonight’s Survivor 2013 Live Recap?


After Colton quit, the second battle on Redemption Island took place.  Candice, Marissa, and Rachel battled for the chance to stay in Survivor 2013.  Candice won for the second week in a row and Rachel was sent home.  Tyson didn’t switch with her because he knew Tadhana wanted him to, which would in turn weaken his tribe.

Last week’s Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water immunity challenge put the contestants emotions to the test.  In a head-to-head physical challenge some contestants had to face their loved ones.  In the end, Galang won immunity for the third week in a row.  On the Tadhana tribe John wanted to stick to the plan of voting the women off.  Brad agreed, but quickly decided John had too much power.  Brad convinced some of the others to blindside John and John was voted off last week’s Survivor 2013.

Tonight a major power switch will happen.  Will Tadhana realize Brad is the one pulling the strings and want to get rid of him?  Will the women gain some power in Tadhana?  Or will Tadhana finally step up to the plate and win a challenge?

Find out what happens in tonight’s Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Live Recap!



When John joined his wife Candice on Redemption Island she was not happy to see him.  When it came time for the Redemption Island challenge, she spoke up and said she wanted to see Brad there because she doesn’t like him.

For tonight’s Redemption Island challenge the contestants had to race over a ladder bridge while weaving a key through the steps.  At the end of the bridge  they had to unlock a key and begin putting together a very complex Survivor 2013 puzzle.  For once, Candice didn’t do so well.  Her husband John quickly pulled ahead and one the challenge.  Marissa was in the lead but her frustrations caused her to fall behind and lose to Candice.  Marissa is officially out of the game.

John won the challenge and the chance to give somebody a clue to the immunity idol.  Candice told him to target Monica so he listened at gave it to her.  Monica’s husband Brad told her to burn the clue.  She got up and walked it to the fire and burned it!

Before the immunity challenge, the men of  Tadhana discussed what to do about Brad.  They know he is a threat, but they want to keep him around until the merge because they know how much the other tribe dislikes him.  But the need to make sure Brad doesn’t pull a blindside on them like he did with John.

For tonight’s Survivor Blood vs. Water 2013 immunity challenge the tribes had to work together to paddle a boat through a course and release five crates.  Once the crates were released they had to work on a series of puzzles.  Tadhana quickly released their crates, but when they started back to shore they lost two crates and Galang pulled ahead.  Even though Tadhana finished the steps puzzle first, Galang completed the second puzzle and released a flag to win immunity for the fourth week in a row!  Tadhana has to send home yet another tribe member.

Before Tadhana went to tribal council Brad told Ciera and Katie to vote for Caleb.  He then went to the guys and told them what he did and told them he was really going to vote for Ciera.

However, once they got to tribal council it became clear that Brad was sick of getting yelled at during Redemption Island challenge so it would be better to send somebody home who no longer has a loved one in the game.  Caleb took the hint and told everybody he was voting for Brad. He told Katie and Ciera to vote with him and left Hayden and Vytas to decide for themselves.

The first round of votes tied Brad and Ciera.  In the revote Brad was voted off tonight’s Survivor 2013.

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