On Survivor Blood vs Water episode 5, one castaway will sacrifice their life in the game for a loved one, according to the CBS synopsis for tonight’s show. While this Survivor 2013 spoilers seems to imply that someone will trade places with their loved one on Redemption Island this week, we also know that CBS is rarely so straightforward with their Survivor spoilers clues.


Also in the synopsis for tonight’s Survivor 27 episode 5, CBS says “this season of blindsides continues at a wild, unpredictable tribal.” If we’re in for another blindside tonight that means we can’t count on any of the people who seemed like the obvious choices for who be the one who got voted off Survivor in Tribal Council in week 5.

From spoilers we have read out on the Net, we are kind of leaning toward it being Big Brother winner Hayden Moss‘ girlfriend Kat Edorsson who gets blindsided. However, Survivor spoilers for Blood vs Water have been terribly unreliable this season. So really, it could be anyone or even CBS just messing with us and it is a blindside to the player but not really a surprise to the viewers.

As for who will go home tonight, we’ve already made our prediction on that based on the sketchy spoilers and Survivor boot lists we have come across. Whether or not it will turn out to be correct is anyone’s guess at this point!

See if you can spot any Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers in the photos below from tonight’s episode before the show starts. And be sure to join us right here at BigBrotherAccess.com at 8PM for our live Survivor 2013 recap!

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