For the first time ever, we will be covering Survivor: Blood vs. Water here at this season. This might seem a little odd… but we do have a good reason! Former Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss is competing on Survivor 27 and we just couldn’t resist following along to see how far he makes it. Could he potentially win his second CBS reality TV show competition and add a million dollar prize to his already earned half million from Big Brother?

survivor 2013 Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson

Survivor: Blood vs. Water takes place this year in the Philippines for a third season, this time on Palaui Island, Cagayan. This season will feature returning castaways accompanied by their loved ones. The tribe names for Survivor 27 will be Galang and Tadhana, which translate to Respect and Destiny in the local language. In addition to the ‘couples’ twist, Survivor season 27 will also see the return of a modified version of Redemption Island — possibly one of the most hated twists in the game to many Survivor fans.

Hayden Moss will be competing on Survivor 2013 with girlfriend Kat Edorsson, a veteran of Survivor: One World. The pair will be going up against nine other duos featuring former Survivor alumni from past seasons. The ten ‘couples’ will not be working as teams, however. They will be split into separate tribes right from the start of the show after just one night together on the island and have to battle against each other.

Get to know the Survivor 2013 castaways in the promo video above and let us know who your favorite pair is to win this season. Will you be rooting for Hayden and Kat? Or do you think he’s already had his win and someone else deserves the prize?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres on CBS with a special 90-minute episode on Sept. 18 at 8PM ET. We’ll be keeping you up to date on all the Survivor spoilers, news, gossip and more right at all season long!


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