After tonight, who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water will finally be the same as who was voted off by the Tribal Council! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this week marks the very last Redemption Island challenge and the long-awaited full tribal merge. Before the two tribes are consolidated, however, two more castaways will be heading home from Survivor 27 this evening.

Survivor 2013 episode 8

Survivor 2013 Episode 8 – Source: CBS

On Redemption Island, John Cody, Laura Morett and Laura Boneham will battle it out to determine who will get to return to play on Survivor 2013. The winner will join the newly merged final tribe and the two losers will be sent packing. In the challenge this week, who goes home on Survivor tonight is largely a matter of strength — both physically and of will.

Tonight’s competition on Redemption Island will be an endurance challenge and a nasty one at that. The three castaways will have to climb up and hang on to the top of three wooden poles. The person who hangs on the longest will win their way back into the game. The other two will get the boot.

So who goes home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Well, we have to say that Survivor spoilers this season have not been great so far. However, we have dug up multiple sources claiming that Laura Morett will be the one who gets back into the game. We aren’t guaranteeing anything but we think this is a strong bet.

This kind of ‘supporting your own body weight’ challenge tends to favor smaller, lighter people. Laura M. is smaller but strong, while Laura B. is of similar size but does not appear to have as much muscle strength. John Cody is just at a big disadvantage. He may be strong but he’s also much bigger than the girls and has a whole lot more weight to keep hanging on that pole.

Next up? The members of the newly merged tribe called Kasama will have to shake themselves out and figure out where they stand. New alliances will form, old alliances will fail, and it might just be time for brothers Vytas and Aras Baskauskas to be split up by the next Tribal Councol… we shall see…

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