It’s hard to tell what could happen on Survivor Blood vs. Water.  With all the power changes, twists, turns, and alliances, which contestant goes home can change right up until the votes are cast.  Who do you think will be eliminated on tonight’s Survivor 2013?


According to the previews for this week’s Survivor Blood vs. Water, one of the biggest blindsides takes place and a power switch occurs.  It would probably be safe to say somebody on the Tadhana tribe will get blindsided, and it could very likely be Brad. 

Tadhana hasn’t fared well in the Survivor Season 27 immunity challenges.  With one of the stronger men sent home last week, they will likely lose again tonight.  Last week Brad pulled on blindside on John.  He made John think they were allies and he convinced others that John would turn on them if Candice makes it off Redemption Island.

Brad pulled the strings to get John voted off and he knows he is in charge.  Previously, he didn’t want the other tribe thinking he was in charge, but this week he looks pretty comfortable holding the power over the Tadhana tribe.  Will his tribe figure him out and vote him off on tonight’s Survivor 2013?

The other possibility is that Tadhana finally wins immunity and forces Galang to send somebody home.  They have not yet faced tribal.  The happy content tribe could be forced to turn on one another.

Maybe the “power” switch isn’t even referring to a tribe at all.  Candice has won both Redemption Island challenges.  Will she finally lose or be sent home?

What do you think will happen on tonight’s Survivor Blood vs. Water?

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