According to Survivor 2013 spoilers for tonight’s show, it looks like we’re in for a very fun night indeed. We don’t even care so much about who went home on Survivor tonight as we do about what is in store at the next Tribal Council. According to CBS, the vote in week 5 is going to be another blindside and we’re very curious to find out who is going to get smacked by a shock vote.


On Survivor Blood vs Water tonight, Brad Culpepper and husband/wife team Candice Cody and John Cody will battle it out on Redemption Island to determine who goes home. Honestly, we don’t really care all that much about any of these three players. So whichever castaway is the one who was eliminated on Survivor 27 in week 5 isn’t all that exciting. However, we can’t wait to find out what happens at the immunity challenge and who will end up as the one who got voted off Survivor 2013 this week and will go to Redemption Island next.

Unfortunately, Survivor spoilers this season have been few and far between — and often totally inaccurate. So we don’t know for certain who will go home tonight and who will be the next person voted out by their tribe. We do know, however, that the immunity challenge tonight looks like a total blast. And CBS has already told us there will be another blindside vote this evening. So we’re happy no matter what because there should be plenty of tasty drama!

Stay tuned with us right here on this very page for our live Survivor recap starting at 8PM ET. Please be sure to refresh this page frequently once the show starts for our latest updates.

Here we go! We kick off tonight with a brief recap of last week’s episode with the newbie tribe losing their fourth immunity challenge in a row and Brad Culpepper being voted out to Redemption Island. Thirteen are left in the competition. Let’s find out who will be eliminated tonight!

The Tadhana Tribe is back from Tribal Council and they are all kind of reeling from the blindside vote that sent Brad Culpepper off to Redemption Island. Ciera now thinks it would be a really good idea to work with Caleb Bankston since he was obviously happy to go against one of the guys in the tribe. She hopes she can convince him to go after Hayden Moss and Vytas Baskauskas. The guys, meanwhile, are worried as hell now that their alliance is totally shot and who knows what Caleb might do next.

When Brad shows up on Redemption Island, Candice and John Cody almost do a happy dance they are so pleased to see him get voted out. Brad tries to apologize for being an a** and voting John out — and his wife voting Candice out. They really aren’t buying it though.

Over at the Galang Tribe, Laura Morrett is trying to snuggle up to Aras Baskauskas but he just isn’t buying in. He is in an alliance with Tina Wesson, Gervase Peterson, Tyson Apostol and Monica Culpepper. Laura Boneham, meanwhile, is trying to make friends on the tribe but as the non-veteran she isn’t having much luck fitting in.

Now it’s time for tonight’s Redemption Island duel with Candice, John and Brad. Monica tells her husband she is “so incredibly sorry” and offers to take his place. He says no and that he will never let her take his place, he’ll just battle his way through. Brad says he is not a bad person. Jeff calls out Candice for some of the things she’s said about him even though she hasn’t even been in the main game. She says she was just repeating things people said after they were voted out. Monica says it hurt her what she’s said to Brad and Candice slaps back that it hurt her when Monica voted her out!

The three competitors have to take apart a crate and use the pieces to build a bridge, then they have to cross the bridge, take it apart, and then use the pieces to solve a puzzle. Candice takes an early lead as she has done previously in Redemption Island challenges. Brad pulls ahead of John but it is very close. Then both Brad and John finish their bridges before Candice and start ripping them apart. Candice is right behind them but she is slowing down a lot.


Now it’s time for the puzzle and they are all racing to put it together. The first one to finish is… John Cody! Looks like the prediction we made about him possibly being the one to go home was totally wrong. The second person to finish is… Brad Culpepper! Very sad for John that his wife has to go home. She says this is the hardest, to come out with your loved one and be eliminated, not like being with twenty strangers.

John says it is “absolutely miserable” and heartbreaking, especially that he didn’t switch with her when she was first sent to Redemption Island. We feel bad for Candice that she never even got to actually play the game and spent her whole time just fighting not to go home.

Since John won, he gives the immunity idol hint to Monica Culpepper. Brad tells her to just go ahead and throw it in the fire and burn it. That way she doesn’t become a target because people think she is looking for the immunity idol or might have it.

After the Redemption Island challenge and elimination, we go back over to the Galang Tribe. Monica is very unhappy that Brad was in the duel but is glad he won. Tina and Monica talk like they are good buddies but secretly Tina is not feeling the love so much. She isn’t sure whether Monica can be trusted, especially now that her husband is in danger of going home. She thinks Monica will now play even harder with Brad on Redemption Island.

In the Tadhana Tribe, everyone is cranky and not feeling too hot either. Katie Collins has something screwy going on with her toes. They are weird colors and her toenails are falling off! That would be enough to make us run screaming home!

Vytas is trying to strike up a deal with Caleb even knowing that no one is going to be trusting Caleb at all after the stunt he pulled at Tribal Council. Caleb isn’t really telling anyone what he is thinking or where his loyalties lie.

After some random yoga from Vytas, it is finally time for tonight’s immunity challenge. For this challenge, the tribes will compete in pairs. Each pair will slide down a giant water slide, grabbing a ring at the bottom and then standing up and tossing the ring to land on a wooden cross. Whoever gets the ring on the cross first gets a point for their tribe.


This actually looks like way too much fun. The action is fast and furious with Tadhana taking an early lead two to one. Then Vytas scores for Tadhana and it’s three to one. Ciera Eastin and Tina are next and both miss the first time but Tina scores with her second toss, taking the score to three to two. Caleb versus Tyson next and Caleb scores for Tadhana, making it four to two. Hayden and Gervase are next and this could be it for Tadhana if they score. It’s all on Hayden.

Gervase misses, Hayden misses. They both miss again and then, finally, Hayden gets it! Tadhana has won their first immunity challenge of the season! For their reward they choose a banquet of steaks, vegetables and spices with a wok to cook it all in. They pass up the chance to take a load of fishing gear back to camp so they can feed themselves with it all season long. Smart choice? No. Yummy choice? YES! 

The Galang Tribe is now deep in scheming about who should get voted out at Tribal Council. Laura Boneham is nervously watching everyone trying to figure out which way the votes are going to go. She tries to stir up trouble between Kat Edorsson and the rest of the girls but it doesn’t work. Aras and Laura M. talk and he thinks Laura B. is the easy vote out. Everyone does seem to think Laura B. would be the easy vote but Aras says that doesn’t mean it is the right choice.

Aras and Tyson talk and they think that sending Laura M. to Redemption Island is the better idea because she might beat Brad in the challenge. If that happens then Brad is eliminated as a threat and Monica becomes an asset because she won’t have a loved one in the game anymore. They sneakily run the idea of voting out Laura M. by Monica but she knows this would put her husband in danger. She wants them to go with the easy vote of getting out Laura B.

It’s time for Tribal Council and it looks like the vote is going to be either Laura Boneham or Laura Morett. It’s the first time for the veterans’ tribe to be in Tribal Council. Someone has to go home and it’s time to count the votes.

Host Jeff Probst announces the votes…

Vote for Laura B.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.

Laura Morett is the fifth person voted out of Survivor Blood vs. Water and will have to go up against John Cody and Brad Culpepper in the next Redemption Island challenge. Jeff says he would expect nothing less from the veteran players than a blindside vote straight out of the gate.


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