From the Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers we’ve seen for this week’s immunity challenge, we are kind of bummed we aren’t playing! Of course it’s all about winning immunity for the tribe but honestly, how can you not have a little bit of fun plunging down giant water slides? Count us in please!


This week’s Survivor 2013 immunity challenge is critical for the newbie Tribe Tadhana to win. They have so far lost every single immunity challenge and the tribe is rapidly dwindling down. If they don’t start winning some competitions, they are simply going to be conquered and devoured by the veteran Galang Tribe.

On Survivor tonight, the tribes will face off in two-person duels in which they have to slide down a water slide, grab a ring at the bottom while still sliding, and then stand up and toss their ring onto a cross a few feet away. Each ring successfully snagged on the wooden cross will earn a point for the player’s respective team. From the video above featuring the crew testing out the challenge, it appears to be way harder than it sounds to earn those points!

Check out some Survivor spoilers preview photos from tonight’s competition below.

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