Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiered September 18, 2013 at 8PM ET on CBS and we’ll be bringing you the latest spoilers, news, gossip and recaps all season long! Survivor 27 is unlike any previous season of the show and we’re very intrigued to see whether it will prove to be the best incarnation yet — or a total fail as a concept.


For Survivor 2013 season 27, returning veteran players will be (sort of) teamed up with family members or loved ones to compete for the ultimate one million dollar prize. Although the teams will start off their first night together on Day Zero, they will be split up the next day into opposing tribes to battle against each other. Due to the large cast, the season will be one of only two seasons to last longer than 39 days.

Of course, it’s not just as simple as family members fighting each other for the big win. This season also marks the return of a modified version of Redemption Island — one of the most universally hated ‘twists’ in the history of Survivor. If one of the ‘partners’ gets sent to the Island, their loved one can choose to swap places with them.

This season’s Survivor Blood vs Water cast includes some notable returnees and fresh new faces, including former NFL Player Brad Culpepper with wife (and Survivor One World cast member) Monica Culpepper. CBS will also be recycling former Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss with his girlfriend Kat Edorsson, also from Survivor One World. Moss is the very first Big Brother contestant to ever appear on Survivor — although other Big Brother HouseGuests have competed on other CBS reality TV shows such as The Amazing Race.

Survivor Blood vs Water Cast:

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