The final Redemption Island challenge before the tribal merge will take place Wednesday night on Survivor 2013. We will be happy to see this whole twist over and done with and get back to the person who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water being all about who gets voted out at Tribal Council!

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Photo source: CBS

John Cody, Laura Morett and Laura Boneham will battle it out in the last Redemption Island duel of the season Wednesday evening. The winner will get the best prize of all — the opportunity to go back into the game. The two losers will get the boot and be the last ones who went home on Survivor 2013 before the tribal merge.

For the competition this week, the three remaining castaways on Redemption Island will have to cling to the top of wooden poles for as long as they can hold on. The person who manages to hold on the longest will win. This type of challenge tends to give a little bit more advantage to small, strong players. John Cody, as a bigger guy, will likely have the most difficult time holding his own body weight up.

Check out photos from Wednesday’s final Redemption Island challenge below and tell us who you think will come out on top! (Click the thumbnails for bigger photos. Photo source: CBS/YouTube)

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