Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 10 Eviction Predictions-Will This Be Tyler’s Last Day?

By: on October 8, 2020 |

Coming into Big Brother 22, Tyler Crispen was the one to beat. He had a very impressive run on Big Brother 20 and even won the America’s Favorite Player prize. However, the Tyler we got on Big Brother: All-Stars just wasn’t the same guy that we’ve seen in the past. He even tried to leave the game at some point. His heart […]

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Big Brother All-Stars Week Nine Alliance Updates: The Committee Is Over

By: on October 6, 2020 |

The house majority alliance, the Committee, has dominated inside the Big Brother All-star’s house since it’s inception way back in the beginning of the season. Typically, large alliances have a tough time remaining completely intact going down the home stretch. The Committee has held together further throughout the game than most alliances, and it was […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (10/05/20)

By: on October 5, 2020 |

This week started with Cody Calafiore taking the Big Brother 22 Head of Household crown. His plan was to target Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott, and he executed that plan by nominated them on Friday,  and then this week’s Big Brother: All-Stars Veto Competition took place. Tyler and Christmas both really needed this Veto win, because neither should feel safe at […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results (10/03/20)

By: on October 3, 2020 |

These first Big Brother 22 nine weeks were easy for the Committee, who have now made it to five out of the final six spots. Daniele Donato-Briones was the only one to not make it from the original six to the final six. Now Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, and Christmas Abbott are […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 10 Block Nominations (10/02/20)

By: on October 2, 2020 |

We are finally down to the final six players of Big Brother 22, which basically means that you have to win out or let the win slip by you. Yesterday, the Big Brother: All-Stars witnessed a game massacre and saw three players go out the door: Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Daniele Donato-Briones. Now it’s time to see another person leave on […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 10 Head of Household Results (10/02/20)

By: on October 1, 2020 |

Last night, we had an intense Big Brother 22 Triple eviction where not one, not two, but three players left the game. The triple eviction resulted in Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Daniele Donato-Briones being the three victims of the triple eviction.  During the triple, Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott went against the grain and tried to vote out Nicole Franzel over David. Tyler also tried to […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 8 Eviction Predictions-Who Will Go In The Triple Eviction?

By: on October 1, 2020 |

This week, we’re in for the most anticipated event of this Big Brother 22 season: the first-ever triple eviction. Last Thursday, host Julie Chen announced that Big Brother: All-Stars would have a triple eviction episode. We don’t know exactly how it will play out, whether that may mean that it’ll the Big Brother Canada format or a two double evictions formate, we […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (09/28/20)

By: on September 28, 2020 |

This Big Brother 22 week has been going as good as hoped for Head of Household  Cody Calafiore and his Committee alliance. They ensured that one of them would be in power when Cody won this Big Brother: All-Star HOH. Then he made the usual nominees of David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. This week, Kevin is the target, but it […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results (09/26/20)

By: on September 26, 2020 |

In order for anything noteworthy to happen this Big Brother 22 week, David Alexander or Kevin Campbell need to win the Power of Veto Competition. Cody Calafiore plans to play it safe by just getting Kevin out this week. If any of the Committee or Enzo Palumbo win the Power of Veto, things will go as expected. If Kevin stays on the […]

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Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 8 Block Nominations (9/25/20)

By: on September 25, 2020 |

Big Brother 22 has had seven out of the eight weeks with The Committee in power.  They have become one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother history. There are only two evictions away from making the final six together, a rarity in the Big Brother world. Usually, big alliances stay loyal for the most part but a player […]

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