5 Best Moments From The Big Brother 23 Premiere Episode

By: on July 8, 2021 |

As anticipated, the Big Brother 23 premiere lived up to its reputation of “Expect the Unexpected” with Julie Chen Moonves returning as the fan-favorite Big Brother host. Last night’s Big Brother 23 episode was full of new risks and rewards as well as the announcement of the largest prize in Big Brother history…more on that later. 16 new […]

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Big Brother 23 Episode 1: Welcome to the $750,000 Big Brother Beach Club

By: on July 7, 2021 |

Big Brother 23 is premiering tonight on CBS with a 90-minute LIVE episode hosted by none other than the illustrious Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to another fun season of episode recaps right here on Big Brother Access. Tonight, fans will finally get to meet all the new houseguests and see find out some of the new […]

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Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (8/20/20)

By: on August 20, 2020 |

As the houseguests have gotten settled into their games after two weeks inside the Big Brother 22 All-Stars house, either Nicole Anthony or David Alexander will be saying goodbye this evening. Under the rule of the Head of Household (HOH), Memphis Garrett, neither block nominee was able to save their own game with a Power […]

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Who Won Big Brother 21 Tonight? (9/25/19)

By: on September 25, 2019 |

The summer is just about over, and the stage is set for the final episode of Big Brother 21. The three remaining houseguests are Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony. For those of you that may have been in a cave this summer, Michie and Holly are in a showmance together. Nicole had the […]

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Who Won Round One HOH Tonight On Big Brother 21? (9/22/19)

By: on September 22, 2019 |

With only two episodes left of Big Brother 21, tonight’s episode will feature round one of the three-part Head of Household (HOH) competition. All three remaining houseguests, Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie, are eligible to compete for the final HOH. This is truly ‘do or die’ time in the Big Brother house if […]

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Who Won The Power Of Veto Tonight? (9/18/19)

By: on September 18, 2019 |

The most important competition of the Big Brother 21 season will play out tonight with the final Power of Veto (POV) competition. The winner of this competition will hold the one and only vote in the live eviction tomorrow night. Nicole Anthony won the last Head of Household (HOH) by default when Holly Allen threw […]

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Who Won HOH Tonight & Who Was Nominated To The Block? (9/15/19)

By: on September 15, 2019 |

The stage is set, and the final four of Big Brother 21 includes Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen. Nicole and Cliff had the tough decision last episode to stick with their final four deal with Michie and Holly or break that deal, vote out Holly to keep Tommy Bracco for […]

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Who Won The Power Of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 21? (9/11/19)

By: on September 11, 2019 |

Michie Jackson is back in control of the Big Brother 21 house, and he has nominated Tommy Bracco and Cliff Hogg III to the block this week for eviction. Tommy is his target for eviction with Cliff merely nominated to the block as a pawn. Cliff and his ride-or-die partner, Nicole Anthony, are in a […]

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Who Won HOH Tonight on Big Brother 21 & Who Was Nominated To The Block? (9/8/19)

By: on September 8, 2019 |

Big Brother 21 fans are coming off the action-packed double eviction episode last Thursday evening when we watched Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy (finally) face eviction and were sent to the jury house. Tonight, we slow down a bit with a new Head of Household (HOH) competition and two new block nominees. With only five […]

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Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 21? (9/4/19)

By: on September 4, 2019 |

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have gone from zero to hero in the Big Brother 21 house over the last month. They went from public enemy number one with everyone wanting them evicted to completely controlling the house. They have had three consecutive Head of Household (HOH) wins, and tonight we will see if they […]

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