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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/23/18) Double Eviction Mayhem

By: on February 24, 2018 |

With only seven celebrities inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, we should be in store for a fun double eviction episode with two celebrities going home. Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur have a sticky situation on their hands with both having committed to two different final four alliances. Will their strategy to play both sides […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/21/18) New HOH and Eviction Nominees

By: on February 22, 2018 |

After the last episode left Head of Household (HOH) Omarosa with no choice but to get onboard with sending Metta World Peace a sympathy vote, Celebrity Big Brother fans are hoping for some action.  With only a short few days left inside the Big Brother house, the time has come to play this game and […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/19/18) Veto Twist Revealed & Another Eviction

By: on February 20, 2018 |

The last week of Celebrity Big Brother is underway, and we still have eight celebrities living in the Big Brother house. After one of the most targeted celebrities in the house won the last Head of Household (HOH) competition, we should see some chaos as the houseguests scramble to save their games.  HOH Omarosa nominated […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/18/18) New HOH & Block Nominees

By: on February 19, 2018 |

Now that one of Big Brother’s biggest fans, Shannon Elizabeth, has been evicted,  clearly no one inside the house is safe. Shannon sealed her own fate with her self-proclaimed super fan status and by overplaying the Celebrity Big Brother game. The Celebrity Big Brother house felt threatened by her and took advantage of the situation […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/16/18) Can Shannon Dodge Another Eviction?

By: on February 17, 2018 |

Thanks to an emotional plea for eviction by Keshia Knight Pulliam just a few days ago, Shannon Elizabeth was able to dodge a backdoor eviction plan aimed directly at her?  Last evening, Shannon was on the block for eviction sitting next to Mark McGrath.  With one of those two Celebrity Big Brother houseguests considered to be huge threat […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/14/18) HOH Competition & Block Nominees

By: on February 15, 2018 |

After an emotional and dramatic plea to her fellow houseguests, Celebrity Big Brother cast member Keshia Knight Pulliam was unamiously evicted from the game so that she could breastfeed her daughter.  Not all of her fellow houseguests were pleased with wasting an eviction vote on Keshia, especially when the majority alliance had the opportunity to […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/12/18) Will the House Blindside Shannon?

By: on February 13, 2018 |

Soon after Celebrity Big Brother‘s Omarosa returned from an emergency hospital visit for an asthma attack, the newly crowned Head of Household (HOH), Ross Mathews, nominated her to the block for eviction.  Based on Omarosa’s past dramatic flair for such situations, one would expect all hell to break lose in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house. Shockingly, […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/11/18): New HOH & Eviction Nominees

By: on February 12, 2018 |

Now that the first celebrity eviction is in the books with a blindside vote swap of Chuck Liddell, orchestrated by Shannon Elizabeth, how will the house dynamics be affected? Who will take control of the Celebrity Big Brother house and win the next Head of Household (HOH) knocking Keisha Knight Pulliam off her throne?  How […]

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Big Brother Celebrity Edition Recap: (2/9/18) – First Eviction Blindside

By: on February 10, 2018 |

Last night’s episode was the final show of the three night premier event.  As we have seen, battle lines have been clearly drawn between the men and women in the Big Brother house.  Keisha Knight Pullman won the recast gift bag twist and took control of the house. Once in control, Keisha nominated James Maslow […]

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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/8/18) – Omarosa’s Bombshell Confession

By: on February 9, 2018 |

The second night of the three night premier event of Celebrity Big Brother did not disappoint.  The recently announced Celebrity Gift Bag Recast Twist came into play which had the ability to shift the power in the Big Brother house.  One of the celebrities asked to be nominated for eviction because of homesickness.  And, Omarosa […]

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