!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 9 Pandora’s Box Surprise

By: on September 2, 2011 |

Pandora’s Box is almost always one of the most fun twists in the Big Brother game — usually anyway. Sometimes it will lead to huge upsets in the Big Brother 13 house, like it did when Porsche opened it and let louse the duo rules on the house for a week. (Eventually resulting in Jordan and Rachel having the power to vote out Shelly.) Apparently Big Brother 13 executives thought we needed an extra dose of Pandora’s Box to keep things interesting this week and so they pulled it out again to tempt the new Head of Household.

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Big Brother 13 Week 8 Eviction Prediction

By: on September 1, 2011 |

Predicting who is going to get eliminated this week on Big Brother 13 is not really a difficult prospect. If you have been paying attention at all, it is pretty obvious which Big Brother 13 houseguest is going to get the boot to the Jury House tonight.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 23 Recap – Porsche and Pandora’s Box

By: on August 29, 2011 |

This week in the Big Brother 13 house is shaping up to be just as drama-filled and crazy as last week. With a double eviction leaving everyone reeling and a Pandora’s Box twist that could dramatically alter the balance of power in the house, it just gets more fun by the minute!

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Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Shelly Moore

By: on July 7, 2011 |

Every day until the Big Brother 13 premiere on July 7, we here at BigBrotherAccess.com bring you an in-depth profile of one of the new Big Brother 2011 cast members. For our last regular houseguest profile, we bring you the oldest (and possibly one of the smartest) houseguest of the season.

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