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Who Was Nominated on Big Brother Last Night? 8/14/2016

By: on August 14, 2016 |

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother tonight and how much awesome drama are we going to have this week as a result? Well, we have the Big Brother spoilers for you on who the new Head of Household put on the block, and let’s just say watching the Live Feeds the past few […]

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Big Brother 18 Recap: Houseguests Hit the Boiling Point! 8/14/2016

By: on August 14, 2016 |

On Sunday evening, CBS TV show fans finally got a glimpse at all the hell that’s been breaking loose on the Live Feeds both before and after Thursday’s evictions. Sadly, CBS only had time to share the barest minimum of the delightful amount of drama and nastiness that’s been going on behind the scenes on the Feeds. It’s […]

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction Nominations

By: on July 8, 2016 |

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 18 in week three? With Bridgette Dunning as the new Head of Household this week, most fans seemed to think she would let her ally, veteran Frank Eudy, be the one actually choosing who went up. While we were hoping to see Bridgette take charge and make her own decisions without having […]

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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Nominated For Eviction? 9/12/2015

By: on September 12, 2015 |

Big Brother spoilers are finally in for who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 17 in week 11. Before the Big Brother Live Feeds went down for an extensive time period on Friday, we thought we knew who would go up. But with almost 14 hours of being unable to watch Vanessa and her manipulations, anything […]

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Big Brother 17 Recap: New HoH and a Favorite In Danger

By: on August 23, 2015 |

On Big Brother 2015 tonight, a new Head of Household took power in the house and another round of eviction nominations paranoia went round and round. Once again, Vanessa Rousso was in the middle of it all trying to get her word in everyone’s ear to make sure everything goes her way. We still don’t feel CBS is actually […]

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Who Was Nominated for Eviction on Big Brother? 8/21/2015

By: on August 21, 2015 |

The new Head of Household for week nine took their sweet time deciding who to put up on the block for eviction this week. Even with those choices finally determined, we still aren’t quite sure which Houseguest will end up being the final target for eviction on Thursday. We know who we think the Houseguests […]

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Who Was Nominated For Eviction on Big Brother? 8/2/2015

By: on August 2, 2015 |

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 17 in week 6? Will the new Head of Household stick to the deals they made at the end of the endurance HoH Competition? Or will they totally turn the tables and pull out the knives for a hearty bit of backstabbing? After last night’s awesome Head of […]

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