Big Brother’s Kaitlin Barnaby Sexy Photo Shoot!

By: on May 5, 2015 |

We have to give a big thank you to Phillip Alan Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos with us of Big Brother 15‘s Kaitlyn Barnaby in a recent sexy photo shoot! We always thought Kaitlin Barnaby was gorgeous, even if we didn’t always agree what was coming out of her mouth on Big Brother 15.

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Big Brother Stars Halloween 2014 Hijinks! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 3, 2014 |

Big Brother stars old and new always pull out the stops with some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen! Last year, we witnessed some truly scary and hilarious outfits from our favorite Big Brother alums. For 2014, there were even more awesome Halloween hijinks going on, and we have the pics to prove […]

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Big Brother Reality Rally 2014 Roundup! [PHOTOS]

By: on April 15, 2014 |

This year’s Reality Rally 2014 was stuffed full of Big Brother stars from all over. A horde of Big Brother alumni, as well as a slew of other reality TV stars, headed off to Temecula, California this past weekend for the massive charity event. While their goal may have been to raise money for Michelle’s […]

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Big Brother HouseGuests Halloween Madness! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 1, 2013 |

Big Brother HouseGuests are celebrating Halloween along with the rest of us today and some of their costumes are just totally outrageous. We are talking about YOU especially, Candice Stewart! From sexy to sleazy, pretty to princess, Big Brother Halloween is here! For Halloween this year, we considered dressing up like one of our favorite […]

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Big Brother 15: Backyard Interview With Kaitlin Barnaby [Video]

By: on September 20, 2013 |

Big Brother 15 cast member Kaitlin Barnaby said being on the show was a “love/hate relationship” and she’s “thankful she got out when she did.” Even so, she would do it again — with a different cast. She’s glad she got a foot in the door in the entertainment business and it was a great […]

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Big Brother 2013: Kaitlin Barnaby Big Brother 15 Cast Spotlight

By: on June 26, 2013 |

Big Brother 2013 cast member Kaitlin Barnaby bears kind of a resemblence to Famke Janssen in our opinion, until she opens her mouth and starts talking a little like that chick from Fargo. The contrast is a bit confusing and disturbing. Kaitin is a Catholic school girl that now works as a bartender. So she already fits into two “hot girl” stereotypes right off the bat. She says she is a very competitive person but also a kind girl with a big heart. We think she is the queen of clichés.

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