Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Nominations (Week Three)

By: on July 10, 2015 |

The Big Brother spoilers are in for the third Nomination Ceremony of the season! Did everything go according to plan? And who will be competing in the third Battle of the Block Competition in Big Brother 17? See below to find out more. WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on […]

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!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

By: on August 1, 2011 |

The results of the Big Brother 13 Veto ceremony are in. Who won veto, and was it used to save one of the two nominees? Find out below! [spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results”] BRENDON and RACHEL have been nominated by HOH Daniele. BRENDON won the Power of Veto and used it […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations

By: on September 4, 2010 |

The Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations are in and you shouldn’t be surprised to read who was selected. When there are only four HGs left in the game and three of them are in an alliance together! [spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 9 Nominations”] Lane and Britney were nominated by the new HoH, Hayden. [/spoiler] Stay […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week Nominations Week 6

By: on August 14, 2010 |

Here we go again! The new Head of Household has made their nominations. Find out who’s in risk of going home this week in today’s Spoiler Alert! [spoiler name=”Big Brother 12 Week 6 Nominations”] Head of Household BRENDON has nominated LANE and RAGAN for eviction this week. Some important things to keep in mind: Ragan […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 4 Nominations

By: on July 30, 2010 |

Rachel, this week’s HoH, has made her Big Brother 12 nominations known to the house. [spoiler name=”Week 4 Nominations”] KRISTEN and HAYDEN were nominated by the new HoH, Rachel. Watch out for the Power of Veto competition on Saturday! [/spoiler] Apparently the Big Brother 12 nomination ceremony was very dramatic and Rachel challenged the HGs […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 3 Nominations

By: on July 23, 2010 |

The nominations are in for Big Brother 12 Week 3! [spoiler name=”Week 3 Nominations”] ANDREW and KATHY have been nominated by Matt. These nominees are decoys for Matt’s eviction plan: Brendon via the Backdoor. [/spoiler]

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What “Backdooring” actually means

By: on July 22, 2010 |

This is something that has bothered me for ages but never got around to actually expressing it. The term “backdoor” has been thrown around the Big Brother house for seasons. Many of the houseguests use the term incorrectly. Reality Blurred reminded me of this in their most recent article. He perfectly described what backdooring ACTUALLY […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Week 2 Nominations Are In!

By: on July 16, 2010 |

Head of Household, Rachel, has let her nominations be known! Find out who was nominated in this week’s Spoiler Alert! [spoiler name=”Week 2 Nominations”] MONET and  BRITNEY have been nominated for eviction this week. [/spoiler]

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Big Brother 12 Week 1 HoH Nominations Revealed

By: on July 9, 2010 |

Hayden has made his decisions and put two people on the block for possible elimination next week. Read on to find out who is in danger this week!

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