• Big Johnny

    THANK YOU!! I have been saying this for years, even having a discussion about this last night. There have been very few true “Backdoor Evictions” through the history of the game. Nicomas had the first and most memorable of all of these backdoor situations with her 5 finger plan to remove Jase from the house. Please remember people, if you get put up after the veto caremony and leave the house, it DOES NOT mean you were backdoored….

  • Big Johnny

    ceremony that is…

  • http://bigbrothernetwork.com Matt

    All hail Nakomis and The Six-Finger Plan!

    • Addrienne

      Dag nabbit good stuff you whipprnespapers!

  • trishbme

    Thank you!! Every time I hear a house guest use this term I have to say to my BF that that’s not what backdooring means. It drives me crazy!! Although I feel as if this explanation doesn’t do the term justice…not that I could explain it better.

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