Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight seemed a forgone conclusion most of the week. Da’Vonne Rogers intentionally threw Tiffany Rousso under the bus to fellow veteran Frank Eudy. Da’Vonne convinced Frank that Tiffany was after him, even though she wasn’t, and this put a giant red target on the Rousso sister’s back. With Frank’s pawn Bridgette Dunning under his thumb as the new Head of Household, he easily maneuvered Tiffany onto the block where he believed he could force the house to vote her out.

Big Brother 18 6

That’s where things started getting complicated. Frank doesn’t know that his 8-Pack alliance buddies have secretly been conspiring against him and want him out as soon as possible. Da’Vonne quickly realized it was a mistake to get Tiffany out when she could probably be manipulated into working against Frank on their behalf. So she started working to flip the vote to get Frank’s Roadkill nominee Bronte out instead. Problem was, no one was listening, and the plan quickly fell through.

Then, suddenly, the vote flip idea rose again in the house, but this time it had a lot more power and people behind it. Oddly enough, however, Da’Vonne wasn’t one of them! In fact, she was left completely out of the loop while Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Michelle conspired to save Michelle and send Bronte packing instead.

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They only decided to bring Da’Vonne in on the plan the morning of the eviction, even though she’d been trying to save Tiffany previously. James Huling, also part of the 8-Pack alliance, was also left out until the last minute. The conspirators were hoping by not telling them earlier that the vote would end up being confusing enough to throw Frank off his game at the Head of Household competition not knowing which houseguests voted for whom.

Now it’s time for the live eviction vote! The three eviction nominees give their last minute speeches. Paul gives a funny speech that’s not really very serious because he knows he isn’t in danger. Tiffany, however, gives a nasty speech against Frank and his dictatorship and his gas. She says the only people she would target if she stays is Frank the dictator and his cabbage patch kid Bridgette. Bronte says she is not in the habit of being mean and she just says she would like to stay and that’s about it.

Da’Vonne and quite a few of the houseguests are totally shocked over Tiffany’s in your face eviction speech! Wow, she really went for it! Let’s see if it ends up being a killer exit speech, or if it’s going to be a nasty Frank versus Tiffany week of fun ahead. Looks like Tiffany just brought the Rousso to season 18!

Big Brother 18 Eviction Results:

  • Natalie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Paulie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bronte
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Bronte
  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict: Bronte
  • Nicole votes to evict: Bronte
  • Corey votes to evict: Bronte

It’s official! Bronte D’Acquisto has been evicted in a vote flip blindside by the house majority. This should lead to quite the spectacular Head of Household battle as veteran Frank Eudy must now know he could very well be in serious danger of getting the boot next. If you can’t wait to find out who won, you can check out the results in our full recap of Thursday night’s eviction results show!

So it looks like Bronte will be battling it out against Glenn Garcia, Jozea Flores, and Victor Arroyo for a chance to get back into the Big Brother 18 house. Who do you think will prevail and get a second chance to win a half million dollars as the next Big Brother winner?


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