7-25-2013 03-30-24 PMCan’t wait to find out who was evicted from Big Brother tonight? Well, we urge you to go find the episode to watch so you can see all the awesome drama of this season’s double eviction night in full. However, if you just have to know right now, we have the Big Brother 15 spoilers on what happened! You just aren’t going to believe the wild ride the HouseGuests went on Thursday evening!

We having been waiting anxiously all week to find out who got voted off Big Brother 2013 in the double eviction! Although some of the players suspected that this week might possibly see two players getting tossed out, we don’t think anyone really took the idea seriously enough. Especially since we just learned both eliminated players will go to the Jury House!

There were some vague plans about who might do what if it happened but no one really truly prepared to deal with the chaos and confusion of the night’s events. How do you really prepare for an eviction, followed by a Head of Household Competition, then a Power of Veto Competition, Power of Veto Ceremony and another eviction all in the space of one hour? Crazy!

For those who want the full scoop on Thursday night’s live eviction show, you can check out our full recap here. If you’d rather just skip right to the juicy part and find out who got evicted on Big Brother tonight in week 6, just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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Here are the results of the first live eviction vote:

McCrae: Votes to evict Candice
Aaryn: Votes to evict Candice “the clown”
Helen: Votes to evict “my boo” Candice
Jessie: Votes to evict “my friend” Candice
Elissa: Votes to evict Candice (“I don’t want to do this, but everyone else did.”)
Andy: Votes to evict “the very feisty” Candice
Judd: Votes to evict Candice

With a vote of seven to zero, Candice was evicted from Big Brother 15. She will now be the first member of the Jury. As Candice exited the house, she threw a last minute snark to GinaMarie about her just needing to go home (we missed what exactly). GM yelled back that “at least my mom likes me, not like yours!” Yes, another nasty dig about Candice being adopted.

In the Head of Household Competition that followed, Aaryn ended up winning. She put up Spencer and Jessie as a result of a unanimous decision by the rest of the house. Moving on to the Power of Veto Competition, amazing enough, Aaryn ended up winning that too.

Instead of just leaving her nominations alone, however, Aaryn decides she is going to backdoor her snuggle buddy Judd because he has been “playing me” and everyone in the house except a couple of people want it. She says if she doesn’t put him up, she will end up going home as a result.

Here are the results of the second live eviction vote:

Amanda: Votes to evict Judd
McCrae: Votes to evict Judd
GinaMarie: Votes to evict Judd (she is in tears)
Andy: Votes to evict Judd (he is crying)
Helen: Votes to evict Judd (with jazz hands)
Elissa: Votes to evict Judd (after saying he is one of her best friends)
Jessie: Votes to evict Judd (with a big smile)

With a vote of seven to zero, Judd has been evicted on Big Brother 15 and becomes the second member of the Jury.


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