Who got voted off Big Brother 15 tonight was written on the wall long before the live eviction show on CBS began. Although the prime target this week did their best to flip the vote right up until the last minute, it just wasn’t going to happen. They gave a valiant struggle all week long,but in the end, it was just their time to be the one who went home tonight on Big Brother 2013.


Ever since new Head of Household Aaryn Gries put up her nominations for eviction this week, the tension inside the Big Brother 15 house has risen to dramatic new heights. All week long there have been HouseGuests fighting, arguing, b*tching and trash talking all over the place.

No one has escaped the madness and at least a third of the players have been in tears at some point since the last HoH Competition. So it’s no surprise that when the announcement came of who was voted off Big Brother tonight, we expected it would lead to even more drama and crying.

Unfortunately for those who wanted to take a second to weep and wail about the eviction, they were too busy to be upset for long before diving into a nasty Head of Household endurance competition. No one in the house is feeling particularly safe right now and quite a few of them know they have big targets on their back after this eviction. In other words, the perfect time for a major endurance comp!

Ready to find out who went home on Big Brother tonight and which players were left to battle it out for the next Head of Household win? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out what happened!

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8-1-2013 06-29-54 PMHere are the results of tonight’s vote:

Andy: Vote to evict Howard
Elissa: Vote to evict Howard
GinaMarie: Vote to evict Howard
Helen: Vote to evict Howard
Jessie: Vote to evict Howard
Judd: Vote to evict Howard
McCrae: Vote to evict Howard
Spencer: Vote to evict “besty boo” Candice

With a vote of seven to one, Howard has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.


Are you happy about who got evicted on Big Brother 15 this week? Who do you think needs to go home next?

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