Going into the eviction tonight, it is far too obvious who the HouseGuest will be who got voted off Big Brother tonight in week 8. Ever since they went up on the block, this scrappy competitor has been fighting like mad to stay in the house. They’ve used tears galore, promised safety deals and alliances of every conceivable combination, and even outright shamed other HouseGuests for being fearful fools. Alas, nothing has worked and it looks like one of the early favorite players in the house is about to head out the front door.



Of course, with the whole returning player twist on Big Brother tonight, our evicted player might just be turning right around and coming back in! We’re usually not all that excited about twists on the show because they often turn out to be lame or manipulative. It seems to us that production sometimes uses such ‘twists’ to favor certain competitors over others or give a preferred competitor a second chance. In this case, however, we are actually thrilled at any kind of twist that might shake up the house right now.

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Honestly, if we have to spend one more week watching McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman manipulate the whole house like it is their personal playground — and constantly lay around in the Head of Household bed no matter WHO it belongs to — we may actually be physically sick. Especially if it involves watching any more of McCranda’s pitiful sex life or listening to Amanda talk about her itchy v*gina one more time.

So who do we think is doomed to be the one who was voted off Big Brother 15 tonight in week 8? Well, she’s given it everything she had over the last week to prevent it from happening, but we are 99.9 percent certain that Helen Kim will be the one who was evicted on Big Brother tonight after all the votes are counted. The only real question is whether or not it will once again (boringly) be a unanimous vote. We’re hoping that her ‘Mom Squad’ ally Elissa Slater, at least, will cast a vote of support. She might not though, if she’s more afraid of being targeted by Amanda than losing Helen’s vote in Jury if she makes it to the finale.

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