The Survivor results are finally in for who got voted off Survivor Blood vs Water tonight! CBS promised that we would have another blindside vote for week 5 and that is exactly what happened. Although, it may have been kind of a shock to the player who got blindsided but it wasn’t all that huge of a shock to us. Read on for Survivor 2013 spoilers on who was voted out by the Tribal Council in episode 5!


In the Survivor spoilers from CBS about this week’s show, the network teased that “this season of blindsides continues at a wild, unpredictable tribal.” We don’t really know if the Tribal Council was all that crazy wild and unpredictable but the player who was voted out really didn’t see it coming like it happened, so it was indeed a blindside. We do love it when the castaway who gets the boot doesn’t really get how much danger they are in until it’s all over with.

Of course, the castaway who got voted off Survivor tonight will still have a chance to get back into the game at a later date. They will have to survive a lot of rounds of Redemption Island challenges or have their loved one trade for them to do it — but there is still a chance. This season on Survivor Blood vs Water is all about second chances, so anything could happen.

So who was voted off Survivor tonight and will have to compete in the Redemption Island challenge next week? Well, here’s how it all went down.

Here are the results of tonight’s vote and it was a solid blindside:

Vote for Laura Boneham
Vote for Laura Morett
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.
Vote for Laura M.

Laura Morett is the fifth person voted out of Survivor Blood vs. Water and will have to go up against John Cody and Brad Culpepper in the next Redemption Island challenge. Jeff says he would expect nothing less from the veteran players than a blindside vote straight out of the gate.

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