This season, being the castaway who was voted off Survivor Blood vs Water isn’t necessarily the same thing as being the person who was eliminated. At least for now. Instead, the player voted out by the Tribal Council heads off to Redemption Island, where they can duel for the chance to survive another day. Or, they can swap places with their family member/loved one team member still playing and have them fight the duel instead.


In other words, it’s a complicated process to get someone eliminated on Survivor 2013. First they have to be on the losing tribe this week. Then the tribe has to vote them out at Tribal Council, hoping they don’t have an immunity idol. After that, they go to Redemption Island and we find out whether they will be trading places with their family member/loved one still in the main game. Finally, if they don’t trade with their ‘team’ member, they have to come out in last place in a three-way duel. Whew!

So this year there will be no easily predictable eliminations on Survivor 27, which could be a good thing. Last year there were weeks we absolutely knew for certain who would be going home and that does get a bit boring. However, the whole Redemption Island twist plus the ‘team’ swap option is going to make strategizing and alliance-making for the castaways extremely complex and a bit crazy this year.

In the first episode of Survivor Blood vs Water, we have a prime example of how convoluted the elimination process really is this season. At the Tribal Council, Marissa Peterson — niece of Survivor: Borneo veteran Gervase Peterson — was voted out by her tribe members. She was shipped off to Redemption Island to join two other castaways who were previously kicked out of the game, Laura Boneham, wife of Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands, Heroes vs Villains, All Stars and Survivor: America’s Tribal Council winner) and Candice Cody (Survivor: Cook Islands and Heroes vs Villains).

Rupert, on the opposing tribe from his wife, chose to trade places with Laura to fight in a three-way duel against exiled contestants Candice and and Marissa. The outcome of that duel will determine which castaway ends up going home this evening, not the vote by the Tribal Council. Whoever comes in last has to leave, while the other two will have to face off in another duel to survive next week — or be replaced by their loved ones in the next battle.

That’s all she wrote tonight but if you want to know who will reportedly be the first person to go home on Survivor: Blood vs. Water next week, you can check out the spoilers at the link below!

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