We can’t say that we were all that shocked about who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight. Although, to be frank, we honestly didn’t care all that much if it was Brad Culpepper, Candice Cody or her husband John Cody. None of them happen to be in our handful of favorite players this season so for us, it wouldn’t be much of a loss which of them went home.


We were curious to see if Brad Culpepper would decide to take the opportunity to trade with his wife, Monica Culpepper, to get back into the game on Survivor 2013 this week. And whether or not she would offer or agree to it if he wanted her to take his place on Redemption Island.

There have been quite a few strong Survivor spoilers rumors out that that Monica makes it to Jury and even possibly the final three. So we would have been surprised if she did trade with Brad and be in constant danger of elimination for weeks. Plus, we really wanted to have more time to watch Monica play the game this season.

So what happened and who got eliminated on Survivor tonight? Well, it was not an easy Redemption Island challenge this evening, that’s for sure!

Tonight’s Redemption Island duel is between Candice, John and Brad. Monica Culpepper tells her husband she is “so incredibly sorry” and offers to take his place. He says no and that he will never let her take his place, he’ll just battle his way through.


The three competitors have to take apart a crate and use the pieces to build a bridge, then they have to cross the bridge, take it apart, and then use the pieces to solve a puzzle. Candice takes an early lead as she has done previously in Redemption Island challenges. Brad pulls ahead of John but it is very close. Then both Brad and John finish their bridges before Candice and start ripping them apart. Candice is right behind them but she is slowing down a lot.

Now it’s time for the puzzle and they are all racing to put it together. The first one to finish is… John Cody! Looks like the prediction we made about him possibly being the one to go home was totally wrong. The second person to finish is… Brad Culpepper! Very sad for John that his wife has to go home. She says this is the hardest, to come out with your loved one and be eliminated, not like being with twenty strangers.

John says it is “absolutely miserable” and heartbreaking, especially that he didn’t switch with her when she was first sent to Redemption Island. We feel bad for Candice that she never even got to actually play the game and spent her whole time just fighting not to go home.


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