We were quite surprised by who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight! Our prediction for who would go home based on some very sketchy Survivor spoilers ended up being totally wrong. We were correct that it would not be Laura Morett who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight but we were off on which of the two guys — Brad Culpepper or John Cody — would lose the Redemption Island challenge.


From the very sparse spoilers we had rounded up, we were pretty certain it would not be Laura M. who got eliminated on Survivor tonight. Although most of the spoilers so far have been very weak and often wrong, most of the ‘boot lists’ seem to agree that Laura M. survives past the merging of the tribes. That meant either Brad or John would have to be the loser in the Survivor results this week.

At the Redemption Island challenge, things went very fast indeed. This challenge was a race against time with everyone working at such a frantic pace that it was difficult to keep track of what was happening. Laura M. took an early lead and pretty much kept it throughout the entire competition. Brad and John traded leads back and forth a few times but in the end, it was the veteran who lost out.

Brad Culpepper was the one who went home on Survivor 27 tonight, which is not something we expected to happen. We the very experienced veteran would hang on at least one more week! Now his wife, Monica Culpepper, will have to forge on ahead alone — which actually could be a good thing for her. Without her hubby poised to come back in the game, her tribe may now consider her less of a target.

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