Can’t wait to find out who went home on Big Brother Canada 2 in week 2? Well, we can’t say we were shocked about which Houseguest was sent packing, but we were a little surprised about which mystery cast member the voters chose to replace them!

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 3 9

Those who have had the chance to watch some of the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds were probably already prepared for who was going to be evicted. Although Head of Household Andrew originally put up Paul and Kenny for eviction, he had another target in mind when it came to final nominations.

At the Power of Veto Competition, Neda and Paul obviously wanted to win, but they were outmatched in the challenge and both of them walked away without the prize. Instead, it was Andrew’s new ally Kenny who came out on top.

After Kenny won the Power of Veto Competition, Andrew got him to take Neda off the block. This enabled him to put up Kyle as the replacement nominee and it quickly became apparent that Kyle was the new and more desired target for eviction.

When it come time for the vote, Andrew’s plan paid off and Kyle was sent packing by the Big Brother Canada 2 cast by a vote of 9 to 1.

We can see the wisdom in getting rid of Kyle rather than Paul, because Paul has made himself extremely disliked by half the house already. He’s not currently that dangerous. However, we don’t know that it was a great move for the guys to vote out a strong male player at this point, rather than taking out one of the girls instead.

If Andrew is going to play the game this way, he might want to cozy up even more with the girls so they can all work together to get out Adele and Paul next and in that order. Then they can all go after each other again in a nice free-for-all.

Next up we have the Head of Household Competition and Paul is out in the very first round. Neda and Rachelle are out next, followed by Adel. The final three are Heather, Jon and Ika. In the end, Heather and Jon both get eliminated while Ika gets the last round correct and wins HoH.

Finally tonight we find out who the voters decided should be the last Houseguest of the season. The votes have been counted and the person who will go into the house is… Allison! But there is a twist. If Allison reveals anything about the secret room, she will immediately be evicted from the game. That’s going to be hard not to slip up about!

What did you think about the eviction and secret Houseguest pick tonight?


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