It was a crazy 2-hour Big Brother 19 premiere. We were introduced to three temptations, and along with them came twists and turns all night. A few Big Brother 19 houseguests were presented with game changing temptations. This lead to a major shake up in the house.

Big Brother 19-Cameron Heard, Christmas Abbott, and Jillian Parker

Host Julie Chen shook up the house in the form of Paul Abrahamian returning to the Big Brother 19 game. He is now a player, once again, competing for $500,000. However, in order for Paul to rejoin the game, someone had to leave it. Wondering who left this early? Read the Big Brother 19 SPOILER below to find out.

After Julie dropped the bomb on the houseguests, we got a three stage competition. The first stage involved Paul giving friendship bracelets. If you received one, you were safe from being evicted.

He had eight bracelets to give out. Paul rewarded them to Ramses Soto, Elena Davies, Jason Dent, Raven Walton, Dominique Cooper, Jessica Graf, Mark Jansen, and Kevin Schlehuber, which made them all safe from eviction.The remaining eight houseguests, Jillian Parker, Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, Cameron Heard, Matthew Clines, Alex Ow, Cody Nickson, and Megan Lowder had to compete for their safety.

Big Brother 19 Competition-Apple temptation

The competition involved hanging on a vine and picking apples. In the end, it came down to Alex and Cody. Eventually, Cody won guaranteed safety. Next, the other seven had to test their luck with apples. Some of the apples had safety, and three of them resulted with someone going on the block with the possibility of eviction.

Cameron, Christmas, and Jillian got the bad apples. They then got to choose whether they wanted to face off in a competition or let the house vote. Cameron voted for competition, but he got out voted by Christmas and Jillian. The houseguests voted. It ended with 2 votes against Christmas, 3 votes against Jillian, and 8 votes against Cameron.

Cameron Heard became the first evicted from the Big Brother 19 house!

Big Brother 19 Cameron Heard Evicted Week 1

Join us tomorrow for the second night of the Big Brother 19 premiere week.

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