Veto Competition

The Veto Competition players have been chosen and John, James, and Vanessa will join Steve, Meg, and Jackie in the challenge.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

The Veto Competition is called “Slippery Slope” and they have to roll their balls down a slope and get it around obstacles and get them in three holes. They must do it in numerical order, one to three. If they do it out of order, they will be eliminated. If there is no winner after three and a half minutes, the person with the most balls in will win.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

It’s over pretty quickly and Johnny Mac has won the Power of Veto! He will NOT be going home tonight in the Double Eviction! He only has a few minutes to decide what he is going to do with the PoV. He has a quick conversation with Steve and it’s back to the living room.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (2)

Meg and Jackie both say they’ve played clean games and hope John will use the Veto on them. Johnny Mac says that he hates they are both up on the block, but he doesn’t know who the Replacement Nominee would be, so since he can’t use it on himself, he’s not going to use it.

So either Meg or Jackie will be the second evictee this evening. We didn’t see that coming at all!

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Steve is totally freaked out and says he needs a minute before he can talk to Jackie or Meg. Meg says they may not have a minute! Everyone looks pretty shocked right now. Becky is crying! Johnny Mac looks very serious and upset. Steve says he can’t speak coherently right now and walks off screen as the show goes to commercial. WOW. Meg is FREAKED out.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Second Eviction Live Vote:

  • Vanessa votes to evict Jackie
  • Becky votes to evict Meg
  • John votes to evict Jackie
  • Austin votes to evict Jackie
  • James votes to evict Jackie (that’s enough)
  • Liz votes to evict Jackie
  • Julie votes to evict Jackie

Jackie has been evicted and we don’t think she saw that coming any more than we did! She will be the second member of the season 17 Jury. The Goblins are now down to just James and Meg. Meg is still crying and says that was just a shocker. Everyone is very somber as they watch Jackie’s picture fade to gray.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Talking to Julie Chen, Jackie says Steve thought Jackie was going to backdoor him, but Jackie wanted to backdoor Austin. She says she doesn’t know who planted that with him, but that’s why he wanted her out. Jackie says it was a weird game to be in the house with Jeff and she kind of took a backseat to him when he was in the house. If she gets to go back in the house, Jackie says she would try to keep her eyes a little more open, but she feels like she played a loyal game.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Tune in Sunday (or just wait for our spoilers coming up later tonight) to find out who will win the second Head of Household Competition of the week!

We end with Steve talking to himself in one room saying “that all just happened” and James and Meg talking in the bathroom… It’s going to be one interesting night on the Live Feeds, especially after the second HoH is named!

That’s a wrap!

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