Who went home on Big Brother 17 in week 6? Well, that question was still a bit up in the air even just a few hours before the live eviction. For the first time all season, who got evicted on Big Brother was still a bit of a mystery until all the votes were counted.

Ever since Head of Household James announced Shelli and Clay would be staying on the block as the final eviction nominees, the house has been in turmoil. While Shelli cries endlessly, and Clay rages pointlessly, the rest of the Houseguests have been trying to figure out which one of them to vote out.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Right now it looks like Shelli is most likely to be saved, if Austin and the twins stick with their most recent plan/agreement that his how they should vote. However, they have switched back and forth on this over and over. So it’s possible they could totally change their minds yet again sometime today. If it happens while the Big Brother Live Feeds are down for the extensive live show prep, we won’t even know about it until the votes are cast.

Vanessa has been pushing hard for Shelli to stay because she thinks that is the best thing for her game. Right now, for the moment, Austin and the twins (being the deciding voters), seem to be going along with that. James, however, still wants Shelli out and he’s still working that angle as hard as he can.

Big Brother 17 Episode 19 (9)

We are really kind of hoping it will be Shelli going home, mostly because this entire time she’s been on the block with Clay, she implies every single time she speaks about it that she will be the one who stays. It’s always ‘her’ that will have to suffer being in the house without him, and ‘her’ who won’t know how to play the game without Clay. She’s been talking that way since the moment they went up on the block. That kind of arrogance demands a smackdown.

Unfortunately, we’re afraid she might not get it. As of the morning of eviction day, counting the votes right now comes out in favor of Shelli. We weren’t giving up hope though. Evictions have flipped in the space of a few minutes, and those few minutes could happen while the Live Feeds are down. So anything at all might have happened at the live eviction tonight.

Alas, when the final vote count came in…

  • Vanessa votes to evict Clay
  • Meg votes to evict Clay
  • Austin (not Judas) votes to evict Clay
  • Jackie votes to evict Clay
  • Liz votes to evict Clay (he is out)
  • Julia votes to evict Clay
  • Steve votes to evict Clay
  • Becky votes to evict Clay
  • Johnny Mac votes to evict Clay

…it was indeed Clay who got the boot — with a surprisingly unanimous vote! Even Meg, who drunkenly told him she could not promise to vote against him, decided to honor his wish that she vote for Shelli to stay.

So Clay is out, and now it’s on to the next Head of Household winner to see who they put up on the block!

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