Can’t wait to find out who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 18 this week? We have the spoilers straight from the Live Feeds for which two houseguests the Head of Household has chosen to go up on the block.


After Jozea was evicted on Big Brother 18 Thursday night (although apparently he might not be gone for good), the remaining players were launched into the next Head of Household Competition. Unfortunately the show ended before we found out who the winner was.

However, thanks to those most wonderful Big Brother Live Feeds, we quickly figured out who had the HoH medal hanging around their neck when the cameras were turned back on. Congrats to Paulie Calafiore! The rest of the actual competition played out on the CBS TV show on Sunday night.

Now Paulie has to figure out who he is going to put up for the first two eviction nominees this week. He cannot put up Bridgette Dunning, Michelle Meyer, or Frank Eudy because they are on his team (Category 4). That’s okay though, because Paulie rapidly made the rest of his Eight Pack alliance aware that his big target this week is Victor Arroyo. The other houseguests on his immediate target list are Paul Abrahamian, Natalie Negrotti, and Bronte D’Aquisto — as they all voted against him in Thursday night’s eviction.

Paul and Victor are both aware that they are very likely to end up on the block. Paul is moving to try to buddy up with those on the other side of the house, but it’s not really likely to happen because they all know his game. Victor, on the other hand, seems a bit clueless in figuring out any kind of game move that might help him at this point. Heck, he’s just pretty clueless overall when it comes to Big Brother.

As for the girls, Bronte and Natalie are more than willing to dump Paul and Victor by the curb if needed in order to save their own necks. Bronte is less than thrilled about the idea, especially since she’s all cozy and cuddly with Paul. However, she’s hopefully smart enough to know you don’t want to get in the way of the Head of Household and his buddies when they are hunting an eviction target.

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The big question remaining for Paulie this week was whether or not to put Victor up as an initial nominee, or try to backdoor him. His Eight Pack ally Frank suggested backdooring, a plan that he was able to get fellow veteran James Huling on board with. Paulie, however, isn’t quite sure about not just putting Victor up on the block and hoping he won’t win Power of Veto.

In order to hedge his bets, Paulie decided to tell Paul that he might go up this week as a nominee, but it would only be as a pawn to get out Victor. In truth, Paul might just end up being the second choice for target if Victor somehow ends up safe. Although it seems Paulie might be more interested in getting out Bronte over Paul if he ends up with that choice instead of Victor.


Of course, the whole new Roadkill competition throws a wrench into the works. If Paulie tries for a backdoor of Victor, but the third nominee ends up winning Power of Veto and taking themselves off the block — well, he might not have any control at all about whether or not Victor goes up as the replacement. Of course, if he puts up Paul and Bronte instead of Victor, he’d at least be able to very likely get one of them voted out instead — as long as the Eight Pack holds firm.

If he really wants to get Victor out, we think Paulie should and probably will go with putting him and Paul up as the nominees. However, he might be tempted by the backdoor plan even with the risks involved, in which case it looks like Paul and Bronte would be going up on the block.

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In the end, Paulie has decided to go for the attempted backdoor to oust Victor, so he has put Bronte and Paul up as the initial eviction nominees. Now they just have to hope that somehow Victor does not end up with the Power of Veto and wreck the whole plan.


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