The twists and turns on Survivor 2013 increase with every episode.  At only three weeks into Survivor Season 27, what else could possibly happen?  With the drama of Redemption Island and the whittling Tadhana tribe, who was voted off Survivor 2013 last night?


Last night the second Redemption Island battle took place.  Tadhana assumed Tyson would switch places with Rachel, but he and Rachel both knew it was their plan so Rachel told Tyson not to switch with her.  Before the challenge could begin, Colton broke down.  The game wasn’t being played the way he wanted, so he decided to quit Survivor 2013.  He came back to prove himself, but he only proved that he could quit for the second time.

Rachel, Marissa, and Candice had to complete a domino-like challenge were they had to successfully set up blocks, knock them down, and send a ball crashing through a plate; all without setting off trip bars.  Candice proved herself for the second week in a row.  She finished first and won John another clue to the hidden immunity idol.  Marissa finished next, sending Rachel home on last night’s Survivor  2013 Blood vs. Water.

For last night’s Survivor 2013 immunity challenge, the contestants got the chance to fight each other.   The had to knock their opponent off a floating platform.  The first tribe to five won immunity and camp comforts.  Some highlights of the fights included: Hayden knocking Tyson’s shoulder out of its socket, Aras giving his brother Vytas a second chance and beating him after Vytas took a cheap shot at him; and Laura beating her daughter Ciera for the Galang win.

Tadhana had to face tribal council for the third week in a row.  John wanted to stick to the plan and vote off another women, preferably Ciera.  Even though Brad made an alliance with John, he decided John might not stick with him if Candice gets back in the game.  After convincing some of the others blindside John, John was voted off Survivor 2013 last night.

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