Once again the contestants of Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water had to prove they have what it takes to become the next Survivor.  Last night’s episode proved that anything can happen on Survivor 2013.  Who was voted off Survivor 2013 last night?


Last night’s Survivor Blood vs. Water 2013 was full of twists and turns!  First, at the Redemption Island battle, Brad once again got yelled at by Galang for pulling the strings.  Then, in the battle, John and Candice finished first sending Marissa home on Survivor 2013.  Since John won the challenge, he also got to give somebody a clue to the immunity idol.  Candice encouraged him to give it to Monica so she would have a target on her back.  He did but Brad, immediately told her to burn it.  She burned the immunity idol clue so nobody could have  it and so she wouldn’t be a target.

For the immunity challenge the tribes had to untie a series of crates by paddling a boat through the course and having somebody dive under the water to untie them.  Once back on shore they had to solve multiple puzzles.  Even though Tadhana appears to be stronger, they still got beat.  As Hayden put it, they got beat by “a one-armed man and three moms.”

Before Tadhana went to tribal council, Brad told the women to vote for Caleb and he told the guys to vote for Ciera.  Before the voting started, it became clear that Brad would much rather send home somebody who doesn’t have a loved on left on Survivor 2013.  Or in other words, he wanted to send home Caleb.  Caleb wasn’t going out without a fight so he announced he would be voting for Brad and he asked the rest of the tribe to vote with him.

The votes came back tied for Ciera and Brad.  In the second round of votes Brad was voted off Survivor 2013 last night.  John and Candice will be excited for the next Redemption Island challenge!

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