The 8-Pack alliance has had a perfect run of late while being the house majority alliance. Last week, they were able to successfully pick off their target for eviction with precise accuracy — which sent Jozea Flores home not knowing what got him in the end. Now, Jozea’s allies are in the sights for the 8-Pack. Will the Power of Veto (POV) save one of the three nominees on the Block and potentially disrupt the 8-Pack’s plan?

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto

The Berry Balance competition was won by Category 4, whose members selected Paulie Calafiore to become the next Head of Household (HOH). Paulie went from being 3 short votes from leaving the BB house to sitting pretty making all the calls just a few days later.

At the nomination ceremony, Paulie nominated Bronte D’Acquisto and Paul Abrahamian to the Block. Paulie pulled Paul aside before the ceremony and explained that he needed Paul to become a pawn for the second week in a row. In exchange, Paulie promised Paul safety once his main target for the week, Victor Arroyo, was nominated to the Block. Paul was left in a no-win situation where he had to become the pawn again or risk eviction from the BB house.

Paulie’s plan to back door Victor took a setback when Victor won the Roadkill competition Sunday evening. To create some chaos in the house, and in a final attempt to take the target off of his back, Victor nominated Tiffany Rousso to the Block. As a member of the 8-Pack alliance that is targeting Victor, Tiffany should have the protection she needs this week to remain safe. Victor also approached Frank Eudy and Paulie Calafiore and divulged his secret victory of the Roadkill competition to show good faith and that he could be trusted in the game. Was this move too little too late?

Tonight the POV is the only way Paulie’s original plan to backdoor Victor can play out. It is also the only way that the three nominees to the Block can be guaranteed safe for the week. Bronte, Paul, Tiffany, the current HOH Paulie, and two other randomly selected HG’s will be competing tonight for the POV. In a perfect world, Paulie will win the POV, take Paul off the Block as promised and replace him with Victor, his primary target for eviction. Tune in tonight to see who wins POV and who is on the Block for the live eviction tomorrow night!

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