When we tuned in for the CBS Big Brother 15 live eviction show on Thursday night, we already knew who was going to be voted off. Honestly, we could have happily fast-forwarded through the first half of the show if we hadn’t been doing our live Big Brother recap of the episode. What we really wanted to know was who won Head of Household this week. After weeks of rather predictable game play, we were really hoping for a new HoH willing to take some risks and make a bold move in the house!


Watching Jessie Kowalski get evicted on Big Brother 2013 Thursday night was a predictable and yawn-worthy event. She was pretty much doomed from the moment  power couple Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson got wind of her scheming to get Amanda backdoored the past couple of weeks. Too bad it didn’t work. This week would have been far more interesting if Amanda had ended up on the block instead of Spencer Clawson or Jessie. Oh well.

With that over and done with, we anxiously awaited the Head of Household Competition with high hopes of a fresh face in the HoH room. What we absolutely did NOT want to see was a win by Amanda or McCrae. Although it would have been somewhat interesting to see how their current plan to backdoor Helen worked out. What would be more fun though was seeing Helen Kim, Elissa Slater or even GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer win the HoH and decide to go for the huge move and try to take out Amanda or McCrae — or maybe even both if there was another double eviction. Yeah baby!

Of course, Amanda and McCrae have been working side deals with Helen and Spencer, so it’s possible that if either of them won Head of Household, they might not have actually targeted the last showmance in the house. That, we think, would be the stupidest move ever. And, well, if Elissa won Head of Household, she might actually decide to go against Helen and finally vent her hatred against Aaryn by trying to get her out.

So much drama, distrust and confusion! We just couldn’t wait to find out who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight! If you missed out on the results and you just can’t wait another minute to find out for yourself, just click the plus sign under our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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The Head of Household Competition was a theater themed “Way Off Broadway” competition. The HouseGuests heard music that represented a competition this season in a Knockout challenge. Two players went go face to face and the person who got it right moved on, the person who got it wrong was out.

Round 1: Helen vs. GinaMarie — GinaMarie wins and picks Spencer and Elissa
Round 2: Elissa vs. Spencer — Spencer wins and picks McCrae and GM
Round 3: GM vs. McCrae — McCrae wins and picks Aaryn and Spencer
Round 4: Aaryn vs. Spencer — Aaryn wins, Amanda and McCrae are the last to go up
Round 5: Amanda vs. McCrae — McCrae gets it wrong and loses.
Round 6: Aaryn vs. Amanda — Aaryn wins and is the new Head of Household AGAIN


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