Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight was a huge deal when it comes down to which side of the house will end up in power this coming week. Even more so in many ways than usual with the dual twists of both teams playing against each other, and veteran houseguests thrown into the mix.

If one of the veterans nabbed the prize, there is very little chance we’ll see a returning player going home in the next eviction. However, if one of the newbies grabbed HoH, even if they were allies with the vets before, it could very well end up with one of the returnees headed for the chopping block.

Plus, of course, there is the whole new Roadkill competition to consider. There is actually a chance that if a rookie won HoH, three vets could end up against each other for eviction this week. Now wouldn’t that be some drama?

The CBS TV show on Thursday night ended before the Head of Household Competition was over, so we had to wait until Sunday night’s show to see how things turned out. (Although those with the Big Brother Live Feeds already have the spoilers.)

HoH Challenge: “Berry Balanced”

In the Head of Household competition, the teams once again had to compete against each other. They had to collect ‘berries’ and then carry them across log beams, keeping their balance, to put them in a container for the team. If a team member fell off, they were eliminated and are out of the challenge. The first team to get to their last berry had to choose which person to go and collect the final ‘HoH’ berry and become the next Head of Household.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

Before the CBS TV show ended on Thursday, we saw Natalie fall off one of the balance logs. So that meant she was out of the competition for sure. Unfortunately we did not get to see the rest of the Head of Household Competition play out on the Live Feeds, which we often get to do if it happens to be an endurance challenge. This apparently didn’t qualify, however, so we had to be content with simply learning the Big Brother spoilers on who won.

On Sunday night, we got to watch the rest of the competition play out as the houseguests struggled to keep their balance and collect their berries without falling off the logs and being eliminated. A couple of interesting notes from the competition: Tiffany intentionally fell off so she could quit the competition, and James did as well to throw the competition so his team would not win.

In the end, it was Team Category 4 who ended up in first place (meaning Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette are all safe from eviction this week), and Paulie was the member chosen to become the new Head of Household. The Eight Pack is thrilled about the results. Not only is Paulie at their beck and call in the plan to get out Victor next, but this means all eight of the alliance members will get to play in the Head of Household next week.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household

Oh, and Victor cried about Jozea getting evicted and not winning the Head of Household. Natalie also cried because she’s afraid of what might happen because her team lost.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household


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