We couldn’t wait to find out who won head of household on Big Brother because they have one hell of a week ahead of them! Not only is the house seriously divided right now with former allies now aligned against each other and new deals between players popping up daily. This also happens to be Battle Back week, which means one of the previously evicted returned to the house on Friday night!

HOH comp - "Euro Tripping'" on the CBS series BIG BROTHER, July 14 on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Unfortunately, the CBS TV show ended on Thursday night without a Head of Household Competition. Host Julie Chen announced that it would not be shown on the CBS show until Sunday night. Sadly it took place while the Big Brother Live Feeds were off to hide who won the Battle Back until after Friday night’s special taped episode. We were especially bummed because it was an endurance competition and apparently lasted almost six hours!

Sadly, we only got to see a very brief bit of the endurance challenge on Sunday night’s show. Still, we did get to enjoy some of the drama from the competition. Although we hope CBS never censors us out of another one of these types of Head of Household battles on the Big Brother Live Feeds again!

After watching him do extremely well in a previous endurance challenge in his prior season, it wasn’t much of a shock when veteran James Huling ended up winning the Head of Household. He then chose to nominat Bridgette and Frank for eviction. This did not sit so well with his ‘showmance’ ally Natalie, who is close with Bridgette, especially since James actually promised that he wouldn’t put Bridgette up, and then he did any way.


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