Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight has been a hotly anticipated question to be answered all week by dedicated fans. Would it be one of Paulie’s close allies again, leading to another boring week of him calling all the shots either as HoH or behind the scenes? Or would fresh blood finally step into the power seat and stir up some hot drama in the house by putting some new victims on the block this week?


We were really hoping to see someone totally on the outskirts grab power and end up the Big Brother Head of Household winner this week. Like whichever nominee didn’t get the boot in this week’s eviction — Bridgette or Da’Vonne. Or maybe whichever houseguest DID get evicted if they ended up with that Round Trip ticket from the Secret Room puzzle prize!

Since it seemed pretty clear from Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that it would be Da’Vonne Rogers getting voted out this evening, we were hoping she might just be the one who had the return ticket back into the house. Not only that, but that she’d come roaring back in and be the next houseguest who won the Head of Household Competition on Big Brother tonight!


Sadly, Da’Vonne did not hold the Round Trip pass and was sent off to the Jury house after she was evicted. Our other favorite possibilities to win the Head of Household include Bridgette winning it and totally blowing up the house, Natalie winning it and her and James running the show, or possibly Zakiyah winning, realizing Paulie has been using her terribly (from what we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds), and putting his butt on up on the block with Paul. Wouldn’t that be delicious?

We’re just hoping purely for entertainment purposes that it won’t be Paulie, Corey, Victor or Nicole! Well, Nicole could go rogue and prove fun if she won, but we’d still rather see one of the underdogs nab the win.

Time for the Head of Household Competition. Looks like it may be another endurance competition, and with only ten minutes left in the show… we are probably not going to find out the winner before the challenge ends.

This competition is called “Harsh Hashtags” and it’s the classic Big Brother endurance competition of standing or squatting on tiny disks suspended from ropes above the ground. They will be spun around and whacked into a large sign with a #USuck hashtag on it. The first three houseguests to fall off will be Have-Nots for the week.

The competition is still ongoing and everyone is in as the show ends, and creepy ‘Internet Trolls’ have been released into the backyard to smack people with “USuck hashtags”. Before we go, Julie confirms that next week will be the Double Eviction — unless, of course, one of the evicted players has the Round Trip ticket.

7:05 PM – The Live Feeds are on and James and Bridgette are already down and out of the competition. They will also both be Have-Nots for the week. Drat, was really hoping one of them might win the HoH. James is good at endurance comps! Double drat.


7:09 PM – Corey falls off and gets a beating with foam #USuck hashtag bats by the “Internet Trolls”. James and Corey talk about how this is totally a ‘girls’ comp, while sitting next to Bridgette, who already lost. Corey is a Have-Not so it looks like Nicole won’t be sleeping with him unless she wants to try to fit into a bumper car with that huge guy.


7:17 PM – Oh dear, Michelle is gagging and about to barf from spinning around in circles. Natalie tells her she’s got this and to please not fall. Meech is now puking up all over. Super gross. She says she just can’t do it any more and drops off. She’s still sick and they bring her a bucket and water. damn wow, she has some pretty bad motion sickness apparently. Meech starts crying and feels bad that she was doing so well and then got sick and now other people are going to have to clean up her puke.


7:30 PM – The rest of the houseguests are still hanging on so far thirty minutes in: Zakiyah, Nicole, Natalie, Paulie, and Victor. Some Twitter people are claiming Nicole sat on her disk. We had the same thing with everyone claiming Vanessa sat on her seat during this comp. CBS really does not care folks.

7:34 PM – Nicole is starting to feel sick and that she can’t do it any more. She yells that she is going to throw up. But she stays on for now. Natalie also complaining about feeling sick.


7:40 PM – No one else fallen off yet. Zakiyah is keeping it really quiet and focused. The evicted guys are talking about which hashtags around the yard are about which houseguest.

7:41 PM – Nicole falls off and just barely misses landing in Michelle’s puke.


7:45 PM – Natalie still smiling and James praises her for doing so good. Paulie  hanging in there pretty well as well. Zakiyah still chill. Victor swinging around a bit wildly.

7:50 PM – Paulie, Victor, Zakiyah and Natalie still hanging on. Victor looks the weakest, but that may just be my opinion. Paulie looks pretty uncomfortable standing up and squatting down a lot, but he’s still bragging.

7:51 PM – Oops, Zakiyah just fell off! And Paulie takes a dive right after! That just leaves slightly bitter ex-shomancers Victor and Natalie against each other. Paulie talks like he stepped off on purpose and he ‘could have hung on’ but it looks more like he was screwing around too much on the rope and fell off.


7:55 PM – Houseguests egging Natalie and Victor on about who loves their mommy more better stay on. The ropes are spinning around faster and they are kitting the ‘hashtag’ obstacle harder.

8:00 PM – Natalie and Victor still in it. For some reason Natalie keeps getting slammed into the hashtag obstacle much harder than Victor. Like it actually looks like the thing is pausing and then speeding up to slam her into it, which Victor is just slowly brushing by it. It’s a bit weird. Probably just the angle she’s riding the rope at or something. Natalie is starting to cry that she really wants to get a letter from her mom but her feet are slipping.


8:05 PM – Natalie is now standing up, then she squats down again. She’s really uncomfortable while Victor looks more comfortable than he did previously.

8:08 PM – Natalie and Victor both agree they aren’t going to put each other up, but they also both want a letter from their moms, so neither one is willing to ditch. Natalie really also just wants to be sure she wins one comp. (And keeps herself and James safe too, obviously.)


8:10 PM – Natalie says she can’t do this much longer. She says it hurts and apologizes to her mom. She tells Victor good job because this is really painful. They both tell each other they are safe. Natalie says she is really homesick and needs to see her mommy’s picture.

8:15 PM – She keeps saying she can’t do it any more, but Natalie keeps hanging in. Victor is staying pretty quiet while she moans and groans. Paul watching them like a hawk. Natalie still getting slammed into the obstacle while, weirdly, Victor barely bumps into it, every time they go around.


8:17 PM – Natalie begs Victor to give it to her because he can win comps and she can’t. He says he wants it just as bad and he’s already been evicted once! The other houseguests notice Victor either is sweating so hard he’s dripping mass amounts into his shorts, or he wet his pants. Meanwhile, James is freaking a bit because he has to pee so badly and they are all locked outside. Feeds cut out for a minute and it seems they’ve let them have access to a restroom because James stops complaining.


8:25 PM – Still hanging on, Natalie is also still whining about how she can never win comps and she wants her mom’s letter (whine) while making squealing ouchy noises every time she hits the obstacle.

8:30 PM – Victor and Natalie very quiet, focused on hanging on right now. The other houseguests have pretty much shut up too, just waiting for it to finally be over. Think Victor might have dropped by now if Da’Vonne hadn’t whispered to him as she was leaving that the ‘house’ planned to get him out in the Double Eviction, which everyone thinks is coming up this week (and is).


8:40 PM – Wow, nobody better give Natalie any crap about not being a competitor after this. She may be whiny (and who wouldn’t be, ouch!), but she’s still hanging in there at over an hour and a half.


8:50 PM – And Natalie has finally given up the ghost, she’s down! Victor has won Head of Household.


Victor protects Natalie from the “Trolls” who try to whack her with “#USuck” bats. Natalie cries because she couldn’t hang on to win just one comp. Victor shows off how his hands are rubbed raw from the rope. Paul won’t stop bouncing around and singing “Friendship” over and over.



And that’s a wrap! Now we’ll have to wait and see who Victor will pick for nominations. Especially after what Day told him about the others wanting to get him out in the Double Eviction…

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