Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight and will have the power to put up two of the Houseguests in the second to last week of the season? Will what remains of the Austwins take charge of this crucial week? Will the outsiders of Johnny Mac and Steve rule? Or will Vanessa once again be queen of the house?

Big Brother 17 Head of Household (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Who makes it to the final two could very well be determined in the end by the winner of the Head of Household Competition tonight. It’s all about the power hanging in the balance between Vanessa, Austin and Liz, and Steve and Johnny Mac.

Whomever wins the Head of Household on Thursday will have the chance to get their biggest competition out of the house before the crucial next step of the game. That could give them the leg up all the way through the finale if they work it right.

So who won the Head of Household Competition tonight and will get the chance to put up the next set of Eviction nominees? We have the official live results from the HoH Comp for you as they happen.

Week 12 Head of Household Competition:

It’s the dreaded egg competition where the Houseguests have to use just their fingers through a fence wire to get 10 eggs up the other side around an arch and into egg holders. (We would make a joke about Austin and chickens here but that would just be not classy at all.) This comp can go for quite a while, but we’ll keep updating here on the results from the Live Feeds.


At 7:10 PM BBT it appears that Vanessa is in the lead followed by Austin, both with three eggs so far. Johnny Mac is creeping behind them and gets his third egg as well. Vanessa gets a fourth egg in while Austin drops his egg and has to go back to start it again, giving her more of a lead.


Moving along and we’re up to 7:20 PM BBT. Vanessa is way out in front now with six eggs compared to four eggs for John and Austin. Liz is so behind she just decided to go for the luxury trip prize.


Half an hour in and Vanessa is on egg number eight, but she drops it and has to start it over. Johnny Mac is now behind Vanessa with his egg number eight and he might just be able to catch up. If she drops another one and he doesn’t, he could take this for sure.


Just before 7:40 PM BBT and Vanessa drops in her 10th egg. She has won Head of Household and will be safe this week. Now we just have to wait and find out who she is going to target…

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