This week is Prank Week inside the Big Brother 21 house, and Zingbot made his return tonight for the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Nick Maccarone was voted America’s Prankster while also being nominated to the block by Head of Household (HOH), Holly Allen. Nick secretly took half of Holly’s HOH powers and nominated the second houseguest to the block which was Christie Murphy.

Big Brother 21

Now Christie and Nick sit on the block for eviction this week and only the POV competition can save their games. Who will win the Power of Veto (POV) competition tonight? Most importantly, what zings will Zingbot use to roast this year’s houseguests?

Week Nine Block Nominee Reactions

Everyone in the Big Brother 21 house is trying to figure out who has the secret prank power this week. Nick is doing a great job of keeping his power secret. However, Christie is on to Nick and suspects he is the prankster and the one that nominated her to the block for eviction. Nick laid it on a little thick while telling Christie he would be happy if she won the POV and took herself off the block. That was enough to tip Christie off.

Time to pick players for the POV competition. In addition to the HOH and the two block nominees, three players are randomly chosen to participate. Holly chose Michie. Nick picked Cliff Hogg III. Christie picked Jessica Milagros.

Zingbot Zings the Big Brother 21 House

“Tommy…with all your constant singing and dancing this summer, you remind me of my favorite musical, the Little Shop of Attention Whores. Zing, zing, zippety zing, zing!”

“Nicole…you say you are afraid of birds, but you have been living with an old buzzard all season named…Holly!”

“Christie….wow, you sure got loud on Taco Tuesday. I don’t mean your fighting, I mean your chewing. Zing, mani-feast-zing!”

“Nick, I brought you a present. (Zingbot presents Nick with a present which is a bowl.) Time for a new haircut! Zing, Hail Caesar, zing a zing, zing, zing!”

Big Brother 21

“Nicole…it must be tough for you in the Big Brother house with no friends, no boyfriends, and no contact with the outside world. Actually, you must feel right at home. Zing, zing, zing, zing, zing, zing, zing, zing!”

“There is one houseguest this summer that is very voluptuous, and if you don’t mind me saying… quite busty. Pleased to finally meet you, Cliff! Zing!”

“Jessica…with the game you’re playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in your honor. They are calling it Snoozefest. Zing…za za za zing!”

“Hello, we haven’t met yet. My name is Zingbot. What should I call you? Jackson, Michie, or pompous douchebag? Zing, zing, zing zing!”

“Ok houseguests, listen up. The scandals and fake news about my presidency forced me out of office and now I am on the run. I have decided to hide out in the Big Brother house and they will never find me.” As soon as Zingbot finishes his statement, the Zing police come in and arrest Zingbot. Off to the backyard for the POV competition and to save Zingbot.

Week Nine Power of Veto Competition

Zingbot has been detained and needs the houseguests to save him. To save Zingbot, the houseguests must knock out the cameras so Zingbot has a clear path to escape. To knock out the cameras, players must carefully guide a ball up their slanted boards and place their balls into the holes with cameras while avoiding their balls falling into the “zingtroleum”.

The first houseguest to successfully knock out all the cameras and help Zingbot escape will win the POV competition. This comp requires a lot patience and a bit of skill. This one has been played many times before.

In the end, Michie won the golden POV rather easily and is able to free Zingbot (even though he called him a pompous douchebag). This is his third POV victory and his second in a row. Needless to say, Michie and Holly has been on fire lately with winning competitions.

After the competition, Michie and Nick had a private conversation in the boat room. Nick throws Michie a few hints that he is America’s prankster. Nick tried to play the angle that he didn’t put Michie up on the block for eviction, and that he had his back this week.

Michie told Holly that Nick is the prankster and swears her to secrecy. Michie vows to Holly not to use the POV and to keep the noms the same. Holly’s target is Nick, and Michie is going to make sure her target goes home this week. Holly and Michie also promise Christie that she will be safe this week.

Week Nine Power of Veto Ceremony

As expected, at the POV ceremony, Michie did not use the golden POV. Either Nick or Christie will be going to the jury house this week, and by the looks of it, Nick will be a goner. That is barring another Big Brother 21 miracle that we saw Christie manifest last week. Chances are that lightening will not strike twice, but this is the Big Brother house, and always expect the unexpected.

Join us again tomorrow night, August 29th for the live eviction at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST.

Big Brother 21

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