Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have gone from zero to hero in the Big Brother 21 house over the last month. They went from public enemy number one with everyone wanting them evicted to completely controlling the house. They have had three consecutive Head of Household (HOH) wins, and tonight we will see if they will reach the same record with Power of Veto (POV) wins. Michie has won the last two POV competitions.

Big Brother 21

On the block tonight hoping for a win to save their games are Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy. This is Christie’s fourth consecutive block appearance, and she’ a pro at convincing the houseguests to keep her in the game. Jessica hasn’t been on the block since week two. Ironically, Michie swears she is the biggest threat in the Big Brother 21 house for mental competitions right now, and he wants her gone. Who will win the golden power tonight? Can Michie and Holly keep their winning streak alive, or can Christie or Jessica rise to the top?

Week Ten Block Nominee Reactions

Jessica shared that she feels quite stupid, mad, and played. She is brought to tears in the diary room discussing her nomination to the block. Although Michie told her ahead of time about the impending nomination, Jessica is still shocked by the situation she is in with Michie and thought they had a good relationship.

She and Jessica have a pity party with Tommy Bracco consoling both of them. Jessica has valid feelings because she truly hoped to shed a new light on people her size and what they are capable of accomplishing. Christie is worried about being on the block for the fourth time in a row. She knows how things in the Big Brother 21 house can change in an instant.

Week Ten Showmance Trouble In Paradise

What started as an innocent conversation with Nicole Anthony, Michie and Holly got into quite the squabble in the HOH room. Holly threw out the idea of doing a Q & A with the other houseguests and call it Hot Takes With Holls. Nicole loved the idea while Michie pitched a tantrum about participating and starting it over the holiday weekend. The two continued to bicker once Nicole took her cue and left the room.

After the POV name draw, Holly and Michie have another squabble, but this time in the living room.  Holly accused Michie of ignoring her and not saying good morning. Michie denied the allegation, but Holly continued and began to call him unpleasant names. He was frustrated with this happening in the living room, but Holly kept at it until she finally got fed up and left the room.

Christie went to Holly’s side to help her feel better about the situation. In that conversation, Holly opened up to Christie that she worried about only being known for that girl in the Big Brother showmance and not for her accomplishments. That seems to be the root of Holly’s anger at the moment.

Big Brother 21

Michie and Holly reset in the HOH room to discuss the situation between them. Michie expressed how upset he is with the way she spoke to him and called him names. He felt disrespected and walked all over. Holly ends up breaking down, sobbing, while Michie opens a bottle of wine. In the diary room, Holly explained that she was worried that a showmance would take away from her experience in the Big Brother house. Michie feels hurt that their relationship was just a mistake and told Holly he will pray for her, and he hopes she finds the happiness she was looking for in the game and the house over the next 25 days.

By the end of the episode, the two lovebirds had kissed and made up and all was well in the Big Brother showmance world.

Week Ten Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Michie, Christie, and Jessica competing in the POV competition, they will be joined by Tommy, Cliff Hogg III, and Nicole.  Yes, Nicole finally got her very first POV pick of the summer. She has had the longest run of any player since the inception of the random POV draw to NOT be drawn. That would be since season 7 in the Big Brother house. Congrats, Nicole.

The POV competition is the infamous hide-and-seek competition that is played each season. This year, the houseguests will hide a life preserver for the other houseguests to find and have two and a half minutes to do so. This is the competition where the house usually ends up very trashed. We will see how much these houseguests destroy the house.

Big Brother 21

To keep with houseguests before them, the class of Big Brother 21 did not disappoint with trashing the house. Michie and Tommy did the majority of the damage. Michie found three of the life preservers himself thanks to all the destruction. Michie found Jessica’s, Nicole’s, and Cliff’s hidden life preservers. Tommy and Jessica found the other two. The only one not found and the winner of the golden POV was…Tommy’s life preserver!

Week Ten Power of Veto Ceremony

At the ceremony, Tommy decided to use his POV and save his ride-or-die Christie. No surprise there. Michie named Cliff as the replacement nominee with very few options left. Michie put up Cliff as a pawn with the intention of evicting Jessica at the end of the week. What the houseguests don’t know is that once Jessica is evicted, another houseguest will go right behind her for double eviction night. Who will be evicted tomorrow night in the double eviction episode? Tune in tomorrow, September 5th, at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST.


Big Brother 21

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