The Big Brother 18 premiere this June kicks off another full summer of crazy entertainment three nights a week  on TV, and 24 hours a day on the Big Brother Live Feeds. With a CBS All Access pass subscription, fans can tune in to watch the antics of their favorite Houseguests anywhere and anytime they want.

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)
Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Big Brother 18:

In the U.S., CBS Big Brother launched on July 5, 2000. Now, 16 years later, we’re up to season 18 and the series still seems to be going strong! In fact, the Big Brother USA version is the second longest lasting version of the series so far, with only the Spanish version lasting longer. We hope there will be many more seasons to come after Big Brother 2016!

Big Brother 18 Schedule:

The new season premieres on June 22nd, 2016 in a two-hour event on CBS. The 2016 season will kick off with an hour longer premiere than last year, which likely means all the Houseguests will move in on the same night this time around. After the Big Brother 18 premiere, episodes will air as usual on Wednesday and Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT and on Sundays at 8PM ET.

Big Brother Cast:

Season 18 features 12 new houseguests for 2016, along with four returning veterans as special guests. Check out our in-depth profiles and information on each of the houseguests on our Big Brother 18 cast page!

Big Brother 18 House:

This year the new house renovations feature the theme of ‘Summer Vacation’ with each room decorated to represent a different destination. The backyard area, pool, and hot tub have all been totally redone. Check out photos and videos of the newly redesigned hamster cage at the link above!

Big Brother Spoilers:

As we do every year, our fabulous staff writers and social media gurus will be bringing you the latest Big Brother spoilers as soon as we get our greedy little hands on them. No need to worry, however, we will ALWAYS put any kind of spoilers under a special tag so you will know they are coming! For a summary of all the most recent Big Brother competition results, nominees, alliances, showmances and more, visit our Big Brother 18 spoilers roundup page.

Big Brother After Dark:

The new season of BBAD will once again be airing on the POP TV channel for 2016. For more information and to find out when the show will be airing, visit our Big Brother After Dark schedule page.

Big Brother Live Feeds

To truly enjoy the total Big Brother 18 experience, don’t forget to sign up for your CBS All Access subscription and get ready to feed your addiction 24/7 with the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds! Go ahead and sign up to grab a week free and TONS of other CBS All Access perks, like every past season of Big Brother ever, plus thousands of other current and past CBS show episodes to stream anytime.

Get ready for Big Brother 18 with your CBS All Access subscription! (CBS)
Get ready for Big Brother 18 with your CBS All Access subscription! (CBS)

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