Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 61 Highlights: Josh Continues to Grow Suspicious of Paul’s Game

Yesterday there wasn’t much action in the Big Brother 19 house. The house is set on evicting Matt Clines over Raven Walton. Therefore, the Big Brother 19 game has once again been halted until he leaves. However, as the players wait for his eviction, they continued to map out the outcome for the upcoming final Big Brother weeks.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

It’s almost comical how clueless Matt and Raven remain even in their final Big Brother 19 hours together. We hope the Big Brother 19 jury house finally clues Matt into what game he has been play for 70 plus days.

Jason Stuck in the Middle

Big Brother 19 jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber

Jason Dent spent his final day as this week’s Head of Household listening to his closest allies complain about each other. Kevin Schlehuber is fully aware of Alex Ow’s tactics to break him. He went on a rant to Jason about Alex’s behavior and his distaste for Raven.

Later, Alex got her turn to complain to Jason about how Kevin gets on her nerves. Jason played the middle well by telling Alex that he was completely on her side. He then further talked about how snakey Kevin was in the Big Brother 19 game. For Kevin, he agreed about Alex’s behavior being petty.

Right now, Jason is doing a good job at not angering either of his allies too much…yet. Meanwhile Paul Abrahamian continued to sell Jason the lie about him not being able to win the game because of his returning player status.

Josh Gets Closer to the Truth

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott

Josh Martinez seems to be the only one who sees Paul’s game. However, Christmas Abbott continues to tell Josh to not worry about Paul. While discussing their plan to trick Alex into throwing this week’s HOH competition, Josh mentioned how Jason said that he didn’t want to go on the block next to Alex or Paul.

Josh thought that was interesting considering Paul is supposed to be on Christmas and his side, not Jason and Alex’s side. Despite Josh slowly figuring it all out, he still plans to get this week’s Head of Household competition thrown to him. Once he wins it, the plan to take out Alex or Jason starts. Paul remains safe for another week.

Christmas and Josh also discussed whether to backdoor one of them, or just put them both on the block. The two mentioned preferring to be straightforward with their plans.

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