Big Brother 20 Spoilers: App Store Week 3 Winner and Loser Revealed

Only three weeks into the Big Brother 20 game, and the big twist of the season is already coming to an end. This is the last time Big Brother 2018 viewers can vote on an app. The Big Brother fandom is trying to make it count.

Big Brother 20 App Store

Twitter, fans of both Level 6 and Sacred Six, have been trying to get everyone to vote unified. The most momentum has been around getting Bayleigh Dayton the Big Brother power app.

Twitter spoiler account, RealVegas4Sure revealed that last week, Bayleigh got the second most votes after Tyler Crispen. This empowered Bayleigh, Swaggy, and the Sacred Six/F.O.U.T.T.E fans to work hard to ensure her win. They also tried to get Kaitlyn Herman the Crap app–which we doubt will work because she would have to be the least mentioned that week.

Kaitlyn is too polarizing and visible as a character to not be mentioned at all. Today, Big Brother Network‘s poll surprised many Big Brother fans with their results.

Big Brother 20 App Store

This poll, which is usually accurate, revealed that many viewers are voting to Winston Hines the power app this week. This makes total sense because he been a major character in this week’s chain of events. He also had a fairly positive edit this week, especially last night where he came off calm and cool compared to Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

On the Crap app side of things, it seemed like Kaycee Clark or Angela Rummans were good contender, being two of the more invisible houseguests. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry also has been very active on the Big Brother Live Feeds, but not shown much on the show. Brett Robinson was also at the bottom of Big Brother Network’s poll.

So which of these crazy cast of characters got the final BB App reward and punishment?

In a surprise twist, Haleigh received the Crap App. The app she picked was “Read It,” and she has to read Shakespeare plays, for sure Hamlet. Bayleigh won this week’s power app.  Her power is sounds like it’s “Identity Thief.” Prior to the Head of Household competiton, Bayleigh can change the nominees to whoever she wants to nominate. She can change both of them, and do it in secret. The HOH will not know who made the nominations, and the power is good until the final 8 players.

Once the Power of Veto is played, Bayleigh has no power to name the replacement nominee. Only Faysal knows about her power at the moment. She wants to keep it a secret.

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