Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 46 Highlights: Scottie Officially Leaves the Hive?

This Big Brother 20 day opened with the Veto players being picked. Everyone woke to the shock of Kaycee Clark being picked to play in Veto by the hacker. This created even more confusion for the houseguests. However, Level 6 determined that this confirmed that Bayleigh Dayton was the hacker.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

Once the Big Brother 2018 feeds returned, everyone was in a bad mood. The Power of Veto competition was the prize vs punishments one, and the results created tension between everyone. An extra layer of fear was added when Angela Rummans promised to keep Scottie Salton safe and take Tyler Crispen down from the Big Brother 20 block. Of course, this made fear set in for members of the Hive.

Part of the tension was manufactured by Level 6 to pull Scottie closer to their side, and to make it seem like Brett Robinson was not in an alliance. The feeds returned to Scottie declaring that he didn’t rust the Hive, especially because Bayleigh Dayton apparently made him swear on the Bible about certain game decisions.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen and Brett Robinson

Scottie started crying, and Angela and Tyler made sure that he believed the Hive was a bunch of shady players, especially Bayleigh. Brett acted very angry about losing a trip to Hawaii to Tyler. He used this anger to make the Hive sympathize with him, and start to trust him a little more. Sam Bledsoe was annoyed how everything went down during the competition, especially that Kaycee received another costume punishment.

Late at night, Bayleigh, Angie “Rockstar’ Lantry, and Haleigh Broucher decided that they would pitch to Angela and the rest of the women that they needed to restart the all women’s alliance. They would then try to make sure that Angela saw the Scottie and Tyler duo as a threat, and then maybe Angela would remove Rockstar from block and put up Scottie again next to Tyler. Angela wasn’t having any of it. Kaycee and her spoke about their pitch being stupid, and she even told Sam that “people” were trying to form an all girls alliance without ther.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar Lantry, Haleigh Broucher

Bayleigh and Haleigh made several attempts, with different versions, to make Angela buy their pitch. They even got Faysal Shafaat involved by telling Angela that he would allso keep her safe.  Meanwhile, Angela was just using these conversations to gain information that she would later bring to Level 6.

Additional, Angela had been adding details and practicing her speech to Bayleigh when she goes up as the replacement nominee for Tyler. The night also results in the punishments being distributed to Kaycee, who had to wear a peanut costume,  and Angie, who got a workout plan, which including do food related task and working out.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

Brett was also giving a task involving a granny but that hasn’t started yet. His punishment is only for 24-hours. Whereas, Rockstar and Kaycee’s punishments last for an entire week.

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