!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Nominations and Power of Veto Rumors

WARNING: This post on BigBrotherAccess.com may contains potential SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Please note that the information we are about to share, while strongly possible, is still just a RUMOR. We cannot officially verify what has happened in the Big Brother 13 house while the live feeds have been on blackout.

We’ve already shared strong rumors about who will get the boot on tonight’s special eviction episode and who won the next Head of Household competition. We are pretty damn sure about the first one and can strongly believe in the second one. The rest of the rumors swirling about during the live feeds blackout, however, range from somewhat plausible to outright crazy town.

If you want to hear some of the wild rumors running about, just click underneath our SPOILER alert below!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Nominations and Power of Veto Rumors”]

One of the rumors we are hearing that we do believe is probably true is gossip that Shelly received a nasty welcome from Jeff when she arrived in the Jury House. Considering the backstabbing Shelly committed against Jeff and Jordan, we really don’t doubt this is probably true. We just can’t wait to hear Jeff take Shelly down hard.

Another rumor that could be true, because Rachel is an idiot, is that she left a very nasty goodbye message to Kalia calling her a cow. Now, even if you REALLY think you aren’t going to get someone’s jury vote, why would you antagonize them even more by insulting them like that? Because you just never know if they might be persuaded to vote your way in some crazy way. But, then again, this is Rachel and well, there ya go.

Less reliable are rumors coming in about who Adam (supposedly as the new Head of Household) nominated for eviction. Now, some sources don’t even believe the nominations have taken place yet. Others don’t believe there is any way this information could be leaked yet if they did happen already. Regardless, we just bring them to you, it’s up to you to decide if you think they are true.

So, anyway, the rumor is that Adam decided to nominate Porsche and Jordan. Now, Adam has so far remained loyal to his pact with Jeff and Jordan. (Although he has waffled a bit here and there.) On the other hand, he also worked pretty loyally with Rachel and Brendon. Still, if he is going to make the big move to get Jordan out, now would probably be the time. On the other hand, would everyone vote to give Jordan the win a second time if it ended up being her against Adam? Big decision for Adam here. Adam would probably nominate Porsche given the chance, but picking between Jordan and Rachel could be a toss up.

To get even more out there with the rumors, we next bring you the alleged Power of Veto Competition winner rumor. Now honestly, this is stretching it quite a bit because there is a LOT of doubt that this challenge could have already taken place. But anyway, some sources are reporting that it did already happen and that Jordan was the winner.

So supposedly, Jordan and Rachel were nominated for eviction and Jordan won the Power of Veto. This would mean she would take herself off the block and supposedly Rachel would replace her against Porsche. We are taking this rumor with a hefty truckload of salt at this point.


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