!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 9 Eviction Results Rumor

WARNING: This post on BigBrotherAccess.com may contains potential SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Please note that the information we are about to share, while strongly possible, is still just a RUMOR. We cannot officially verify what has happened in the Big Brother 13 house while the live feeds have been on blackout. However, the sources for this rumor on who has evicted from the BB13 house are pretty reliable.

If you want to know the rumor about who was evicted and how, just click underneath our SPOILER alert below.

[spoiler name=”Week 9 Eviction Results Rumor”]

The special eviction episode of Big Brother 13 airing tonight on CBS was filmed yesterday. According to the rumors, a tie-breaker eviction vote was decided by Rachel and Kalia was evicted from the house. This was not an unexpected move as Adam had already told Jordan he would vote out Kalia. Rachel had told Jordan she was okay with being the tie-breaker vote to send Kalia to the Jury House if Jordan wanted to give Kalia a sympathy vote. We are pretty sure the rumor of Kalia being the one evicted on tonight’s special episode is true.



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