Big Brother 12 Week 9 Veto and Eviction Results

By: on September 8, 2010 |

The final Big Brother 12 Veto results are in and Hayden, the winner of this week’s PoV comp, decided not to use the Power of Veto. To make things worse for Britney fans, Enzo cast the only vote this week and evicted her. Round 1 of the final, 3-part HoH competition is over but we […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 9 Veto Competition Results

By: on September 5, 2010 |

The Big Brother 12 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition results are in and I think a lot of you will be disappointed with the way things turned out. Ah well, there’s always next season! [spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 9 Power of Veto”] Hayden, who is also the HoH, won the Power of Veto. Look for […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations

By: on September 4, 2010 |

The Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations are in and you shouldn’t be surprised to read who was selected. When there are only four HGs left in the game and three of them are in an alliance together! [spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 9 Nominations”] Lane and Britney were nominated by the new HoH, Hayden. [/spoiler] Stay […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 8 Eviction and Week 9 HoH Results

By: on September 2, 2010 |

The Week 8 Live Eviction and Week 9 HoH Comp of Big Brother 12 has concluded. If you are ready to find out what happened then just click next to the SPOILER tag below! Don’t forget that the $9.99 sale price on the live feeds ends tonight. Hurry! [spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 8 Eviction & Week […]

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!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Week 3 HoH Results

By: on July 23, 2010 |

After a multi-hour Endurance Competition last night a new Head of Household was crowned! [spoiler name=”Week 3 HoH”] MATT is the new HoH for Week 3. Watch out for his nominations coming Friday evening! [/spoiler]

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#BB12 : Brendon wins the first veto of the season

By: on July 15, 2010 |

Didja miss last night’s episode of Big Brother 12? Well if you did, you missed Brendon winning the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Houseguests had to smash pinata’s full of moldy mayo (Cinco de MAYO!) and retrieve letters. They then had to spell the longest word they could think of in the […]

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Big Brother 12 Week 1 HoH Nominations Revealed

By: on July 9, 2010 |

Hayden has made his decisions and put two people on the block for possible elimination next week. Read on to find out who is in danger this week!

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Big Brother 12 Week 1 HoH Revealed

By: on July 8, 2010 |

The first episode of Big Brother 12 is over and with that comes the results of who will be our very first Head of Household for this season! After one incredibly slippery and weinery HoH competition one man emerged as the big winner:

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